"GUESS TRIP" is maily for tourists from overseas and English learner.

"GUESS ENGLISH" is for English learner especially for Japanese (Some contents are written by Japanese.) 


GUESS TRIP was born with the hope of well connecting Japanese people and world people who interested in Japan travel.

The word "GUESS" we use is that we hope tourists who have interested in Japan to drive more interesting passion to know Japan deeply.


The Japan's major tourist destination is mostly filled with tourists and busy.

Yet, in Japan there are a lot of unknown, hidden, not major, insufficient appealing local attractive destination here and there.


Thus, we GUESS TRIP could help you to have an interest from Japan impressive pictures first.

Before travel, if tourists could prepare their travel plan by well pre-research, it would lead to happy and efficient travel days.


And we also want to enhance Japanese English language skill for dreaming to realize smooth communication. 

In ohter words, we have the passion to cultivate basic English level more higher for true globalization.


Connecting people with good will is called Japanese "縁" (Kanji description).

I cherished the word of "縁".  However connecting people need a lot of energy. 


Nowardays Japanese English skill is still ranked lower than other contries because there is a few opportunity we actually use English in Japan.


From this aspect, when foreign tourists want to have conversation with Japanese people, Japanese tends to avoid direct communication with them from shyness or something. To improve this situation, we will start things which we can do.


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