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In this article, we will introduce movie vie recommended YOU TUBE. 



In this contents, we will introduce recommended YOU TUBE tourist spots with our comments.

Japan has many attactive tourist's spots and there are many chances you can meet with good spots.


So, we will collect Japan's unique tourist You Tube movies here.


Sea train land in Nagoya - Satisfaction in a compact



It is an amusement park near the port of Nagoya. There are various attractions for children such as ferris wheel, coaster, merry-go-round, and battery car. The main attraction here is the ferris wheel, which is one of the largest in the area and has a height of 85 meters.


You can see not only the city of Nagoya, but also the port of Nagoya, which is one of Japan's leading international trading ports, up close with Birdseye. I am fascinated by the boats that come and go. In addition, the see-through gondola, which has almost transparent space inside the gondola, is now available. The feeling of floating in the sky with a great thrill is exceptional.


Shionomisaki Cape -  Dynamic southernmost 



Cape Shio in Kushimoto Town, Wakayama Prefecture is known as the southernmost point of Honshu. It is often used as a relay place for news typhoon relay reports, so you may be familiar with it.



In fact, it is also a spot where you can watch the sunrise and sunset, which has been selected as one of the "100 Asahi Sunsets" in Wakayama Prefecture.


This time, I would like to introduce the sunset seen from such Shio Misaki.


Whether it is the sunset or not! The sunset seen from Shiono Misaki is different from the other!


Nankinmachi Kobe  - China town


Nankinmachi, Chinatown in Kobe. It is an energetic and lively spot where Chinese-style stalls stand up and you can hear the lively call of customers.


About 1 to 2 hours is enough for walking. If you look at a rare building, enjoy delicious Chinese food, and look for cute Chinese miscellaneous goods, you will be satisfied with your body and your heart.


Here are some of Nankinmachi's famous spots, recommended gourmet foods, and points to see!


Kaiyukan Osaka - Aquarium tower


Kaiyukan is the largest aquarium in the world, opened in 1990.


The Kaiyukan houses about 30,000 species of 620 species, which makes it the perfect aquarium to call the world's largest word.


It is also a place where you can learn about the original ecology because it faithfully reproduces and displays each environment in which living creatures around the world live.


The Kaiyukan is famous for whale shark breeding exhibits. There is fish art on the outside wall of Kaiyukan, so why not take a commemorative photo before entering the building?


Kinosaki Onsen Town  - Nostalgic sound of "Geta"



Hyogo Prefecture Kinosaki Onsen is a hot spring that has been loved by many literary ink artists, including Naoya Shiga. Well-established inns line up along the river, and the weeping willow swaying in the wind creates a unique atmosphere.


Then, in spring, about 150 cherry trees planted along the Otani River, which flows through the center of the hot spring town, are in full bloom. Why don't you enjoy the cherry blossom tour of Kinosaki Onsen while soaking in the nostalgic mood?