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In this article, we will introduce movie vie recommended YOU TUBE. 



In this contents, we will introduce recommended YOU TUBE tourist spots with our comments.

Japan has many attactive tourist's spots and there are many chances you can meet with good spots.


So, we will collect Japan's unique tourist You Tube movies here.


Jyofuku Park - China decoration gate



About 2,200 years ago, the park built around the tomb of Xufuku, which is said to have come to Kumano in search of elixir of eternity and immortality, at the command of Qin Shi Huang, who unified China.


In addition to the grave of Xufuku, there is a stone statue of Xufuku, a tower gate, a pond of old age, a veneer board, a Xufuku honorary monument, and a monument of Nanatsuka.


Tokaikan - Nostalgic Japan scene with lighting



Ito, a town of hot water in the east of the Izu Peninsula. In the center, there is Tokaikan with a lot of Japanese atmosphere.


You can see the beauty of architecture where the craftsman's skill shines, and enjoy the traditional hot spring that flows directly from the source...Matsukawa Promenade, a literary person related to Ito, Kintaro Shitaro Memorial near the Tokaikan There are many attractions such as the building, the former residence of Marshal Heihachiro Togo, the only one that still exists in Japan, and the Ito Togo Memorial Museum. If you go to Ito, here are some recommended spots to stop by!

Kyoto Railway Museum  - The largest Museum



"Tick Mountain" is known for its old tales. In Fujikawaguchiko Town, there is a mountain that is the stage of the story! You can easily reach the summit with the "Kachikachi Ropeway", and you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama from the summit to Mt. Fuji, the Lake View of the Southern Alps and Lake Kawaguchi.


There are also raccoon dogs and bunny dolls who are the main characters of the story. Introducing Kawaguchiko Tenjoyama Park, where you can enjoy the world as if you were lost in the story, such as shrines and sweets associated with rabbits.


Nara Kenko Land - In-door facility for relaxation



Nara Kenko Land is such a popular and large-scale facility that it is called "the best health land in Japan".


It is natural that baths and rest rooms are substantial, and in addition to a huge indoor leisure pool and an indoor huge air playground theme park called "Hashakids", Yoshimoto is also available on Saturdays and Sundays while eating a buffet. There are many tricks that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages, such as watching a new comedy.




It is too attractive to talk about, but it is a highly recommended facility, so please use it once.


Bando science Museum in KOBE -  amazed  by object



The Bando Kobe Youth Science Museum, the only facility with a planetarium in Kobe, is a place where you can experience the wonders of science and space through hands-on exhibitions, workshops, and science classes with the concept of “touch, create, and connect”.


It is a science museum where you can learn while having fun. There are 6 exhibition rooms in the hall, and you can also experience attractions such as space-time hoppers and hang gliders.


In addition, we hold astronomical observations every day that allow us to observe sunspots and prominences at the "Science Experiment Show" that raises interest in science and the "Tayou" large telescope with a 25cm aperture. The planetarium projects about 25,000 stars in a starry sky space spread over a dome with a diameter of 20 m as a "place closest to the starry sky in Kobe", projecting original programs that children and adults can enjoy and seasonal starry sky commentary.