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In this article, we will introduce movie vie recommended YOU TUBE. 



In this contents, we will introduce recommended YOU TUBE tourist spots with our comments.

Japan has many attactive tourist's spots and there are many chances you can meet with good spots.


So, we will collect Japan's unique tourist You Tube movies here.


Kawayu Onsen - You can bath in the river.


In 2004, the "Kiyama Sacred Grounds and Pilgrimage Routes" that span Wakayama, Nara, and Mie prefectures were registered as a World Heritage Site. "Kumano Kodo", which is very popular with tourists visiting Japan, is a general term for the pilgrimage route to "Kumano Sanzan". Among them, it takes about 20 minutes to be swayed by a bus from "Kumano Hongu Taisha", which is called a sacred place, and there is "Kawayu Onsen" which is introduced this time.
The experience of being able to dig a hot spring on your own is a valuable experience that is hard to see all over the country. At Kawayu Onsen, it seems that every year many people, from children to adults, deliberately dig up the river to create an original open-air bath. What is the attraction of digging a hot spring by yourself... In order to find out what it is, I myself try to make an original open-air bath!


Do you know river with hot water bubbling up?


Yes, you can bath in your hot river in the area of Wakayama near to southern Nara.


If you visit this place, don't forget to bring a shovel to find hot water out from the surface of the river stone side.


In summer season, it is very cool with very cool river temperature but you can bath in the Onsen you make.


Kumano Kodo trail - Let's feel sacred mountain aura!


Kumano-Kodo is very long trail pass in the mountainside with sacred atomosphere. 

Once you get in Kumano-Kodo, you feel stone pass which laid down by ancient people. This sacred trail leads to Onsen Nara area like Yunomine Onsen and Kumano Taisha shrine and etc...


And, around this Kumano Taisha shrine area has very green beautiful river at every place. You maybe would be suprized by it's nature beautifullness.


As the name suggests, the history of Kumano Kodo is as old as the Heian era, and it was the road that was followed by Pope Shirakawa, who was an influential person of the time, and Sadaie Fujiwara, who served as a scholar of Hyakunin Isshu. "Kumano Hongu Taisha", "Kumano Hayatama Taisha", "Kumano Nachi Taisha", and "Nachiyama Aogishi" The three shrines and temples of "Nachi-san Seigan Toji" are connected.

Since ancient times, the path that has been walked with prayer has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name "Kii Mountain Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes" including the three sacred sites of Kumanosan and Yoshino Omine, in addition to Sanno Kumano. I will.

The fact that the road itself is registered as a World Heritage Site is rare in the world, and the attraction is that tourists come not only from within Japan but from all over the world. "Kumano Kodo" is a rare place where you can feel the flow of eternity, where samurai and common people can take the same path that the royal family and nobles started to walk in the Heian period, and we can do the same.


Tenkawa Village - Nara heavenly beautiful village


Tenkawa Village (天川村)in the southern Nara area situates.

This place has oldtown retro Japan's atomosphere and beautiful village. 


You can go to the green river, the mysterical cave, unique Hyottoko festival.


Onsen ryokan is very cool by keeping great oldness. 

It's good for wearing Yukata for walking  around village.


Dorokawa Onsenkyo is also called "Nishi Karuizawa" because of its cool climate. Located in the valley of Mt. Omine and in the highland of about 820 meters above sea level, Dorogawa has a temperature of 5 to 3 degrees lower than that of the city, and it is a land that is cool even in summer and perfect for summer.

Please feel the natural charm of beautiful mountains and valleys created by abundant water.

It is also a town that boasts a history of 1300 years as a village for Shugen, which began with the actors.
Why don't you visit the power spots when you come to Dokawa?


Misasa Onsen - Tottori open-air Onsen


This is Misasa-Onsen in Tottori prefecture. You can bath in Onsen for free.

Reason why? Onsen is outside by watching from everywhere. So don't be shy.

It is cool with embracing great scenic Onsen town view.


The public open-air bath "Kawara-buro" is located at the foot of Misasa Bridge and has a very open air.

A feeling of openness that can be seen from both the bridge and the river. Basically, it is not possible to put on scrolls, and the place to undress is like semi-open-air. Of course, since it is a mixed bath, it is a very difficult hot spring especially for women.

Two bathtubs, slightly hot and slightly lukewarm. When I took a bath, the blinds were hidden for the time being, but since the water itself is transparent, there is no place to hide it even while taking a bath.


And Misasa has small Onsen town street for strolling along.

You can find shooting game with using toy's gun for prize goods.


You can buy antique Japan style candy shop. 


If you visit, you could spend your time to forget daily business due to Onsen relaxation.

Donzurubou Mountain - Old & white volcano site


Do you know there's the white mountain affected  by volcanic activity in old age? 

This situated between Osaka and Nara small mountainside.


You can park in free parking lot near to this site. And you soon encounter with beautiful white small mountain in front of you.


Let's take a step forward like going to the athletic feild.

Sometimes you have to climb and go down though you could feel paromatic view in this site.


Donzurubo is a group of strange rocks located in Anamushi, Kashiba City, Nara Prefecture.

It is said that the characteristic white rocks became a group of strange rocks due to the volcanic activity of Mt. Nikami.

It is a rocky mountain with an altitude of about 150m, but it looks like a rocky mountain!

Follow the tape of the mark and go into the depths.
There is a sign of danger, but it is certainly slippery on the rock!
I didn't know that there is a natural athletic course in such a familiar environment.

There is no prospect for the highest point of Mt.Tunkurmine, so I returned here.
On my way home, I had gone around the mysterious building all the time before I returned to the same building.

I was excited (laughs)
After that, I got lost and walked to arrive safely.