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In this article, we will introduce movie vie recommended YOU TUBE. 



In this contents, we will introduce recommended YOU TUBE tourist spots with our comments.

Japan has many attactive tourist's spots and there are many chances you can meet with good spots.


So, we will collect Japan's unique tourist You Tube movies here.


Gozashirahama - White sand beach in Mie 


Wakayama prefecture has white sand beach like Shirarahama beach known by Japan widly.  However, you can find one more white sand beach in Mie prefecture.


I found Japan's drone scene movie in YOU TUBE and share this.


This place is far from the center of Mie like Ise city, situated in the tip of the Mie area.


The southernmost paradise of the Shima Peninsula. A white sandy beach with a tropical feel and a shallow, highly transparent beach that is said to be the best in the Tokai region.
It is a popular spot that is popular with many tourists during the season as it is known as a town with a lot of fishermen and a woman.



Tachiki-kannon - Hard approach to the temple


In Shiga, there is a mysterious spot in the very raging river side. Firstly you can't instantly pray for Kannon. You have to go up over a small mountain. Stone steps are approximately 800 steps. If you finally climb up on the mountain, you would find a welcoming mood temple atomosphere but anyway I think this is worth for visiting. 


"Takugi Kannon Tachikiyama Anyoji" in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture is a power spot known for that "Kumi Kai-sama = Kobo Daishi" praying for the evil when he was 42 years old!
Kukai was deeply grateful that "Kannon led me", and there is a legend that he prayed for the eternal refuge of the people of the future and carved the Bodhisattva Kanzeon on the spirit tree and placed it in this place.

As the name implies, it is a temple on the hillside of Mt. Tachiki, and there is a test that you have to climb 800 steps of stone steps before you reach the main shrine!

Even so, many people from all over the country come to pray for warding off evil, so their profits are certain.

Not only as an amulet, it is also gaining popularity as a power spot to fulfill your wishes.
There is an episode that a white stag that helped Kobo Daishi who was in trouble because he could not cross the rapids of the Seta River became a Bodhisattva Kanzeon in front of a shining spirit tree.


Itami sky park - the park next to the airport


"Itami Sky Park" spreads along the runway of Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport). You can see the takeoff and landing of airplanes nearby, and there are playground equipment such as long roller slides and a lawn plaza in the park. It's nice to have a playground area for children aged 1 to 3 with colorful playground equipment.


Park has the great view of watching airplane going off. As seeing jet taking off, kids can play in the athletic field park. 


A couple can take a walk alongside the park to view wide runway of airport.

Especially for good in the evening time.


I found guidance YOU TUBE of access to this place. Please check this out. 


HOTEL SEAMORE - Like a exotic summer retreat hotel


I have visited this hotel before. My first impression is "this place is like outside world in tropical vacation. Basically you could notice wooden warm atomosphere everwhere in the hotel. This was renovated before and reborn.


So, if you wanna go to the Wakayama area, I'd really recommend this place for staying. In the summer season, you can swim in the pool at the very nearside of Wakayama white beach.


Shirahama, one of Japan's leading hot spring resorts with many hotels and inns, is neither a long-established inn nor a luxury hotel. It's a new type of hotel that has a high sense of design and content, while everyone is familiar.


Nabana-no-sato - Great illumination in Mie


In the winter season, we could be enticed by the magic of light. It is like a sea of lighting with colorful decoration.


You could find lighting tunnels and waves of lighting and object of lighting art.

Unnumberalbe illumination is greatly hight ranked in Japan.


So let's take a step forward in the lighting wonder land.