Japan Movie Travel with GUESS TRIP

In this article, we will introduce movie vie recommended YOU TUBE. 



In this contents, we will introduce recommended YOU TUBE tourist spots with our comments.

Japan has many attactive tourist's spots and there are many chances you can meet with good spots.


So, we will collect Japan's unique tourist You Tube movies here.


Kintai Bridge - Iwakuni's legacy for wooden art


Is this place for taking a picture? or shot movie scene?

This place is Yamaguchi prefecture for reminding us old Japanese style art.


This bridge is one of the three well known bridges in Japan too.

Bridge itself has been built in 1673 for considering preservation long years.


An ordinary bridge was built in the early Edo period, but it was often washed away by the flood of the Nishiki River. So, I got the idea of a bridge with arches in Hangzhou, China, and made this strange bridge. Since its completion, the bridge has not been washed away and has retained its shape until now.


Walking over the bridges, you will find beautiful raging river of Nishikigawa.


The night view is also fantastic. The arch of the bridge reflected on the water creates a great atmosphere.
You can cross the bridge outside business hours, so you can experience the charm of Kintai Bridge, which is different from the daytime.


Anyway, if you want to visit, please be careful of your steps.


Tsunoshima - Road on the beautiful sea


This bridge name is called "Tsunoshima Ohashi" located in Shimonoseki Yamaguchi.

Sea water color is emerald green like Okinawa. White sand and crushed shells form this beautiful water level.


Tsunoshima opened in 2000. Island has poplularity from media and be used for movie scene.


The sea is not the only secret of Tsunoshima. The Tsunoshima Lighthouse, which has been lit every day for over 130 years since its first lighting in 1891, has an observatory where you can see the ocean as far as you can see, and a chapel built as a movie set. Lots of walking spots! Even if you stand at dusk, it is also worth seeing.


Off cource, you can swim and do camping on the beach.

Island itself is good for strolling for refreshing.


Monster Museum  - Tottori's GeGeGe no Kitaro


GeGeGe no Kitaro was Japan's animation and manga characters.

They all are 妖怪(Japan monster) but has unique and cute characters.

So loved by everybody.


Writer and father of this anime was Mr. Shigeru Mizuki. He was born in Tottori.


Shigeru Mizuki, known for "Gegege no Kitaro", was a manga artist as well as an adventurer and youkai researcher. Not only are youkai exhibits on display, but you can also find out in detail the secrets behind their birth and birth by exhibiting Shigeru Mizuki's favorite items and photographs. The museum shop sells merchandise, books, and comics by Shigeru Mizuki, making it a perfect souvenir.


If you visit, you could learn origins and works of GeGeGe no Kitaro.


Awaodori - Tokushima's big festival dance 


This Japan's Bon season dance festival is three major dance in Japan.

This one is held in Tokushima prefecture every year. (2020 canceled)


Dancing history has 400 years. Dancing style is good for woman due to colorful Yukata women wear.


And plus, scale of this dance is like a hundred thousand dancers.

If you visit, you would be charmed by their dancing technique.


Awa-odori is a Japanese instrument called shamisen, taiko, shoko, and Shinobue, screaming while rhythming in two beats, and a group of dancers dance to the accompaniment. It is one of the traditional Japanese performing arts that has a history of about 400 years since the opening of Edo. It originated from Bon Odori in Tokushima Prefecture, and now, with the yelling "Yatthur", it is exciting many areas and festivals.


With a lively dance and lively sound, there is a mysterious power that enlivens the area with the audience.

A "special feeling" that you can feel when you are absorbed in dancing.


Ktsuoji temple - Great night illumination in winter



Katsuji Temple in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture is a temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect, which boasts a history of 1300 years. The many dharma devoted to Katsuji Temple are evidence of success, success in business, romance fulfillment, sports victory and various prayers.




In addition, the prevention of disasters is the oldest in Japan, and there are always worshipers here as well. Let's pray firmly at Katsuoji Temple, which is rich in amulets and souvenirs.