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Senkoji Temple - Is this place heaven or hell in Osaka?


1300 years ago, a historical person called Shotoku Prince built the Yakushido  in the plain. This is the origin of Zenkoji Temple, and it is said that the town spread around the Yakushido and the plain town developed. It is one of the oldest temples.
Hell is used in various expressions, such as "Buddha in hell" and "living hell", and there is an image of being a scary place for bad people to go, but there are many who do not know the details.

While learning about Hell, which is the world after death, you will be able to have fun while learning about cherishing life. Why don't you meet Enma Daio and experience hell when it's hot?

World peace big Kannon statue - Destiny for be broken


Awajishima World Peace Grand Kannon is a 100-meter-high concrete Kannon image including the pedestal. Like many giant Buddhas, it's a Buddha statue and a structure that allows you to get inside.
Awajishima World Peace Grand Kannon was created in 1982. Before and after the bubble, there were rarely people who made a fortune to build a huge Buddha statue, and this Kannon statue was also created by a businessman from a local area.

The Great Buddha of Ushiku did not exist at the time of construction, and it was the largest statue of Buddha in Japan. There were 88 temple-like "sand steps" in the interior of Shikoku (customs say that you can get the same benefits as a pilgrimage by stepping on the sand in the temple), but most of them are museums and art galleries. Exhibition facilities such as. The top floor is a muffler-like part on Kannon's neck, which serves as an observatory.


Sumadera Temple  - Unique Stone Diorama


Suma-ji Temple in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture is one of the most famous temples in Hyogo that has also appeared in the Heike story. However, for some reason, the statues scattered around the grounds are quirky. The Gendaira diorama represented by hundreds of stone dolls is also quite unique.
The open mountain of Suma-dera was in the second year of Niwa (886). The official name is "Uenoyama Fukujoji", but it has been popularly known as Suma-ji since ancient times. It is a temple that is deeply involved with the people who appear in the Heike story and is famous nationwide as an ancient temple associated with Genpei.


Hozanji Temple - Temple on the mountain side


In the Ikoma Mountains that divide Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto, there is "Ikoma Shoten-san" and "Hozan Temple" which is loved by people. The Ikoma Mountains have been worshiped by people as a sacred mountain for a long time, and the mountain itself is regarded as a dragon god, and is considered to be a mountain closely related to water.
Therefore, training areas such as waterfalls are scattered around the mountains. Many people are still trained by the waterfall. Hozanji Temple, located on the hillside of Mt. Ikoma, is one of Japan's three great heavens dedicated to the god of business. Get the profit of prosperous business!


Sumaura Sanjo Yuen Park Kobe - Let's ride on a cart.


The rooftop scenery is also superb! The floor does not move, but you can also enjoy the 360-degree view here. The weather was fine on this day, so I could see not only Awaji Island but also Shodoshima.
There were different tastes, such as a view to relax while eating and a view to enjoy the wind under the blue sky.

Sumaura Sanjo Amusement Park where you can enjoy rides, scenery and play in the great outdoors. There are many slopes, so it is recommended for going out with children who can walk on their own. Please come with comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes.