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Rafting in the raging river


Rafting is an outdoor sport that takes a torrent on a rubber boat. In Japan, it has been conducted mainly by the exploration department of the university for about 30 years. Commercial commercial rafting began about 20 years ago.



At that time, it was recognized as a maniac outdoor sport, and was performed mainly by core customers. After that, it was introduced in the media, etc., and as an adventure that can be easily done, the popularity has risen dramatically in the last 10 years.


Sea Kayak Tour in Okinawa



The feature is that the hull is made elongated so that it is not easily affected by waves, wind, or tide. It is used not only for walking on the sea but also when moving from island to island.




The beauty of sea kayaking is that you can see the underwater terrain, coral reefs, and fish schools up close.



At the sea kayak, where you can peek into the sea with a line of sight close to the water surface, you can observe the sea with the naked eye during the daytime when the waves are calm. Also, if you take an evening tour, you can enjoy a romantic kayak while watching the sunset over the ocean.




Furthermore, depending on the tour company, there are also plans that allow you to land on an uninhabited island or enter a cave, so if you are interested, please do search.


Monks training experience in Wakayama



Koyasan is a sacred place of Japanese Buddhism, which is located on a flat land at an altitude of about 900m surrounded by mountains in the northern part of Wakayama prefecture. It is a historic religious city that was founded by Kobo Daishi (Kukai), registered as a World Heritage Site in 2004, and celebrated its 1200th anniversary in 2015.




There are many lodging facilities "Shukubo" made for monks and worshipers, but nowadays, there are many lodgings where ordinary people can experience part of the life of a practicing monk, and sightseeing from all over the world. Customers are visiting. You can experience Zazen and Sutra in most shukubo