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Here, I would like to introduce some tourist spots that are difficult to visit in Japan. Fortunately, most of Japan's tourist destinations are concentrated in the big cities and are easy to visit.


However, the places where you can feel the true Japaneseness are still rural areas, remote islands, and other areas with low population density. This article mainly introduces tourist spots that are difficult to visit, so be sure to check it out.


Aogashima Island



Do you know "Aogashima"?


"Aogashima" is an island that is called in various ways, such as "the southernmost tip of the Izu Islands," "the smallest village in Japan," "an island where only selected people can land," and "history of Tokyo."



Located at the southernmost tip of the Izu Islands in Tokyo, it has the population of 170 and is the smallest village in Japan.



Access to the island is by boat (Aogashima Maru) or helicopter from Hachijojima.


However, the Aogashima Maru service rate is about 50%. The helicopter is strong in the wind and there are few cancellations, but it is only 8 people.


This is why it is said that only selected people can land.



Aogashima is about 360km south of the city center, and there is no address in Aogashima village in Tokyo, Japan's least populated village. However, visiting the island is a very difficult task.


The most difficult technique does not mean that it is a difficult journey that compels you to go for it, but it is subject to the effects of weather, so it is a difficult problem as the probability of landing. Basically, there are no direct flights from Tokyo, and you can cross from Hachijojima by helicopter or liner.


Otasan Shrine



The most dangerous shrine in Japan. What do you imagine when you hear "?"




From a Japanese horror perspective, it's easy to imagine something like, "For those who have stepped into this shrine," or "What is enshrined at this shrine is,". , This Otayama Shrine. It's not an unscientific danger like a "curse."




So what is dangerous? Yes, it is a harsh shrine that climbs a physically steep approach.



It is said that this Otayama Shrine was founded between 1441 and 43, and it is said that when the founder of the Matsumae clan, Nobuhiro Takeda, landed at Ota, he received the honorary title of Ota Gongen. Since then, it has been worshiped as a voyage safety and blessing of the spirit god.


Also, because the mountain road is too steep, those who arrive at the main shrine will not fulfill their wishes. Before I go, I want to make a wish before I go.


Takarajima Island in Kagoshima



Tokara archipelago, Japan's last unexplored area in Kagoshima Prefecture.


The feature is that it is not well known. That is why it is full of charm.



Treasure Island is the southernmost tip of the seven inhabited islands. An island where you can feel the breath of nature and animals stronger and deeper than people.



Surrounded by the gentle nature of arms, about 130 people live their lives comfortably.



Access from Kagoshima mainland is limited to two ferries per week. There are no trains or buses on the island. There is no traffic light.



Only one shop is open for 3 hours in the morning and evening.


There are few things in town, but they are filled with things that are unique here...


Welcome to the homepage of Takarajima, an island that does not have something, an island that does not.


Please go slowly.


Mount Osore



Osorezan is an active volcano located in the center of the Shimokita Peninsula in Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture. It is counted as one of Japan's three major sacred mountains and is said to be one of Japan's leading power spots with a mysterious atmosphere. In fact, there are many highlights on Mount Osorezan.



Osorezan has a slightly scary image of itako's approach, but in fact, the entire precinct of Osorezan Bodhi Temple is a hot spring paradise where hot springs spring up from here and there.


Let's go on a trip to enjoy the power of the earth in the hot springs of Japan's leading power spot, Osorezan!