Let's trip to Japan's characters wolrd mainly for here like Ultraman, dragon ball, etc.

 In this page, I introduce summary and points characters with You tube video links. 

I'd really be happy for you to understand and feel Japan's unique sub-cultures. 



Hayata-shin who is in menbers sceience special search team was patrolling for saving the earth.

And he saw the balls of red light and blue light flying in the air. He chased these, but crashed and finally dead.


However Hayata encountered with a silver-stlye eilen in his dream. The elien named himself "Ultraman".

Ultraman came to the earth to fight for the monster of Bemler yet Ultraman mistakenly crashed with Hayata.


Ultraman shared his life with Hayata and became one body between Hayata and Ultraman for saving the earth.

And successfully Hayata woke up and saw the monster of Bemler.


In the moment he used the Bater capsule, he could turn into gigantic "Ultraman",  

At last, Hayata have missions to fight for several monsters in the Ultraman TV special effect series.


Anyway you can search and find many ultraman series in You tube now.

Ultraman Summary

Ultraman is Japan's leading special effects series that has been loved for more than 45 years since its launch in 1966.
Numerous works have been created to date, including being certified as a Guinness World Record in September this year as the "TV program on which the most derived television series was created.
" Ultraman has always existed as a child's longing hero, and continues to fascinate even as an adult.

From a number of works, this time we will introduce the second Ultraman series (1971 to 1975) that has established the worldview of the subsequent Ultraman series such as "M78 Nebula" and "Ultra Brothers".
Let's take a look at the reasons for fascinating core fans as a story that also contains a variety of sharp messages in the Showa Ultraman series.

You can also check left goods of Ultraman.

Kamen Rider Summary


Kamen Rider is very populer among kids as hero Characters such as Ultraman.


They also can change human into Kamen Rider with cool rider's belt.

Kamen Rider came to fight with stron monsters for saving the earth.


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