JAPAN MOVIE Introdcution



Many people watch videos on smartphones on a daily basis, and it is expected that videos will continue to spread. 



Some people are watching videos on their smartphones when they look around on a train. When you look up information, usage, reviews, etc. a product/service you care about, I think that you are often looking for videos distributed by companies and individuals.




Video services such as YouTube have grown rapidly since the first half of the 2010s and are now firmly established in people's lives. Video content is increasing on portal sites and media sites like Yahoo! JAPAN. Videos are posted on SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on a daily basis, making them familiar.


In GUESS TRIP, we will introduce Japan's hidden and buried travel introduction movie. It's is no problem if language is Japanese or English. You can feel and touch on just seeing and watching Japan's scenery from your eyes.


Japan Youtube MOVIE1

Place name

Prefecture name

Kawayu Onsen Wakayama                 

Digging Onsen

Kumano Kodo Trail Wakayama

Sacred stone steps

Tenkawa village Nara

Rambling water

Misasa Onsen Tottori

Open-air bath

Donzurubou Mountain Nara

Old vlocano remains             

Japan Youtube MOVIE2

Place name

Prefecture name

PL Tower Osaka

Artistic design tower

Iejima Islands Hyogo

Feel nostalgic islnad's life

Tomogashima Island Wakayama

Like Ghibli world

Nara Totsukawa village Nara

Super long bridge in Japan

Miyama Village Kyoto

Rare Japan-style village

Japan Youtube MOVIE3

Place name

Prefecture name

Gozashirahama                  Mie

White sand beach in Mie

Tachiki-kannon      Shiga

Temple on the mountain

Itami Sky Park Hyogo

Park very nearside of an airport

HOTEL SEAMORE                  Wakayama            

Summer exotic resort

Nabananosato Mie

Superb illummination

Japan Youtube MOVIE4

Place name

Prefecture name

Kintai Bridge Yamaguchi

Nostalgic ancient arch

Tsunoshima Yamaguchi

Road on the sea

Monster Museum Tottori GeGeGe-no Kitaro Anime
Awaodori Tokushima

Powerful festival

Katsuoji Temple Osaka

Night illumination in winter

Japan Youtube MOVIE5

Place name

Prefecture name

Osaka Castle Osaka Castle as unified signal 
Matsuyama Castle Ehime

The castle on the mountain

Himeji Castle Hyogo The simble of white castle
Hikone Castle Shiga

Mascot of Hikonyan

Matsumoto Castle Nagano True black castle

Japan Youtube MOVIE6

Place name

Prefecture name

Senkoji Temple Osaka Admire Monster
Kannon Statue Hyogo The simble of old Japan economy
Sumadera Temple Hyogo Stone diorama 
Hozanji Temple Nara

Temple on the mountainrange

Sumaura Park Hyogo Ride on nostalgic carator

Japan Youtube MOVIE7

Place name

Prefecture name

Tsutenkaku Tower Osaka Retro historical Tower
Kobe UCC Museum Hyogo For learner of coffee history
Soni village Nara Pampas grass field in autumn
Sceience Museum Nagoya

Learning all sceience essence

Kuragari Toge Osaka-Nara Steep slope on the road

Japan Youtube MOVIE8

Place name

Prefecture name

Momotaro Shrine Nagoya Old legend is here
Ghibli Musum Tokyo Let's go Ghibli studio tour
Ultraman street Tokyo Ultraman object everwhere
24 eyes studio village Kawaga Let's get back to old movie scene    
Nagoro Village Tokushima Unique doll everwhere

Japan Youtube MOVIE9

Place name

Prefecture name

Gunkan Island Nagasaki Flourished Japan ruins
World Musum Mie Like Louver museum here
Yumura Onsen Hyogo Relax for your foot with river secne
Sekigahara warland Gifu Immerce yourself in the old battlefiled 
Yamato Museum Hiroshima Know the sad history of Yamato ship

Japan Youtube MOVIE10

Place name

Prefecture name

Car Museum Ishikawa Let's be surrounded by cars
Awashima Shrine Wakayama Feel beaming from countless dolls
Bepu Onsen Oita Welcom to Onsen Hell!
Ushikudaibutsu Ibaraki No.1 size stone statue in Japan
Sakurajima Island Kagoshima Active volcanic island

Japan Youtube MOVIE11

Place name

Prefecture name

Tove Jansson Park Saitama                     Fairly tale's park
Takayamainari shrine Aomori Countless torii gate
Izu-Gokuraku-En Shizuoka Welcom to hell world
Aso theme farmland Kumamoto Like fitness theme park
Huis Ten Bosh Nagasaki Exotic European atomosphere       

Japan Youtube MOVIE12

Place name

Prefecture name

Sceience Museum Yamanashi Ike Sceience Ship
Meijimura Village Nagoya Get back to ancient times
Toyota Museum Nagoya Learning for Japan car history
Takaoka Otoginomori Toyama Doraemon object in the park
Tezukaosamu Hall Hyogo Feel old anime legend

Japan Youtube MOVIE13

Place name

Prefecture name

Miterai area Hiroshima Japan traditonal island world
Retro Museum  Miyagi Recollect oldtime Japan age
Kakamigahara Museum Gifu Let's learn from space
Jungle Onsen Ryokan Chiba Tropical mood ryokan
Kumenosato Okayama Gundam roadside station

Japan Youtube MOVIE14

Place name

Prefecture name

Aizu Samurai Residence Fukushima History theme park
Abukuma Cave  Fukushima Nature of Beauty
Anpanman Museum Kochi Hero for Kids
Kazurabashi Bridge Tokushima Strange bridge using vines
Okishima Island Shiga Cat's Island

Japan Youtube MOVIE15

Place name

Prefecture name

Tsubosakadera Temple Nara Chaos in the temple
Aton toy museum Nara Old nostlgic toys
Kyoto railway museum Kyoto The largest museum
Ryozan kannon Kyoto Rare spot for kannon
Kyoto Uzumasa studio park Kyoto Go around Edo era