What is Ninja?


There is a history of changing its appearance depending on the times. One time a guard guarding the castle, one time a combatant attacking the right place, one time a spy dressed as a villager.



Ninjas are historically called "ninja", and their existence can be surely confirmed in historical materials after the Northern and Northern Dynasties (1336–1392), and their origins are in the villains who resisted manorism in the latter half of the 13th century. it is conceivable that. Ninja is called by various names depending on the region, such as turbulent waves, tsunami waves, grass, kusa, kamari, etc., and the name Ninja has taken root. No, it was after the 1960s.


Shinobi during the Warring States period was held by daimyo of various places and invaded the enemy country, arson, destroyed, ambushed, ambushed, gathered information, etc., but the most important thing is to tell the master's situation to the enemy. Therefore, it was necessary to avoid fighting as much as possible and survive and return.



The Iga/Koka region is close to Kyoto, and because it is surrounded by the natural fortress of the mountains, the Daimyo power was weak, but self-government developed, forming a revolt and armed. Therefore, it can sometimes be confirmed that he was hired by neighboring countries as a mercenary, crossed the moat, invaded the castle, and participated in battle.


The autonomy of Iga and Koga was devastated by the Oda Nobunaga Army, but after the change of Honnoji on June 2, 1582 (1082), Tokugawa Ieyasu crossed Sakai (Osaka) from Iga and Koga. When escaping to Okazaki (Aichi prefecture), which is home to Shirako (Suzuka city, Mie prefecture), Iga and Koga people escorted Yamanaka, and by fighting Ieyasu in various battles , Ieyasu will collect Iga and Koga.


Ninja Life



When you think of a ninja, you have the image of throwing a shuriken in a black hood that hides your face, but in such a style, you'll soon be called a ninja.


For this reason, he was dressed in a variety of costumes and engaged in espionage activities while living his daily life.


Ninja disguise includes:


Noh performer 






Ordinary people such as farmers and townspeople

In this way, he disguised himself as a person who wouldn't be suspicious of pilgrimages all over the country and secretly gathered information.


However, most of the missions take more than a few years, so I have to learn dialects so that I can not find out what I really am, do Noh and acrobatics as a pro, learn sutras like a monk, and even at bedtime.


It is speculated that he lived without taking a rest, such as sleeping while holding a weapon.


Ninja's mission is a dangerous job that includes assassination and sabotage.


I was training various techniques every day.

The main techniques are "hiding", "crossing the water", "climbing/flying", "walking/running", "transmitting", and other actions, as well as "invasion" and "eavesdropping" necessary to get into the enemy land. Ability, "Arrow stop", "Needle technique, Fire technique, Shuriken" and other essential techniques for fighting enemies.


What's more, it requires an incredible variety of techniques, such as “illusionary techniques”, “human mind gripping techniques”, “divination”, “deodorant” and “secret poisons/secret medicines” to deceive people. It is awesome.


If the ninja used to deceive the other person by using hypnosis or secret medicine, it may not be the fiction of the famous "art of branching" that many surgeons seem to increase.