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Beautiful sightseeing spots


When did you all see the spectacular view recently? Being overwhelmed by something and being moved by it will lead to a quick refreshment of your daily fatigue. There are many scenic spots in Japan that are excellent even from a global perspective


Many people have the experience of pointing their cameras to the scenery fascinated by their travels. Thinking about why you are attracted to the magnificent scenery, I feel that there is a lot of reason to be relieved of stress in my case.


Stress is alleviated as the beautiful scenery of nature makes you feel purified and is encouraged by the night view created by the lights of your life.


There are various scenery even if it is a superb view. The beautiful scenery created by nature such as the sea, mountains, rivers, and flowers changes with the seasons.


Buildings and night views are one of the best views. Looking at the fantastic artifacts illuminated in the darkness makes you feel like you are in the fantasy world.


View from above Japan


Samurai, kimono, hearth, shrines and temples... It may be a little too old-fashioned, but when it comes to Japan from a foreigner's perspective, these factors come to mind. And even though it feels old to the Japanese, "The Japan" is attractive to foreigners.


For tourists visiting Japan, there are many ways to experience old-fashioned Japan in urban areas, but it is undeniable that it has been set up.


On the contrary, when I turn my eyes to the rural areas, I find that the "Japaneseness" and "Japanese odor" that foreigners seek are breathing as they are.


Foreign tourists who are hungry for a genuine experience but have no opportunity to know.


I want to attract tourists to Japan and revitalize the area, but there is no know-how in this region.