GUESS BLOG has begun with sending hot news of Japan mainly focusing on real Japan life situation.


By transmitting true and real Japanese pepole's voice, we'd be very happy to be well connected with world's people.



Currently on the website it is becoming more exciting to disseminate the attractiveness of Japanese culture and traditions overseas.



It seemed that there were many things that introduced information on overseas cities to Japan, but the reverse style of sending information from Japan to overseas is increasing.


Miyajima lsland in Japan Hiroshima dawn picture
Miyajima lsland in Japan Hiroshima dawn picture


GUESS BLOG has the mission to connect Japan's real and wolrd.


And we also have the passion to preach how enjoyable sending our mind

to the world by ENGLISH.


I will take a leadership to express true Japan as a representative who want to be next bilngual and dreaming native speaker. 


English learner in Japan is here and there like a mountain.

However, facing moment to express our feeling by English, sometimes we feeling shame not make a mistake.


Japanese people tend to make importance of humbleness to thinking about others.

So, we sometimes do not say directly.


Yet I am dreaming of realizing true Japan's internationalized society.