AEON Shopping Mall in Japan


In early 90's, commercial complex like large AEON shopping mall was few. It was a kind of like small and mid-size deparment store such as Daiei, Izumiya.


Though, late 90', mega size shopping mall chain slike AEON, Ario, Laraport appeared gradually. In this trend, small and local store of town gradually dwindled too.


People tended to be gathering at one place who can buy at one place for efficiency.

So, large shopping mall chains sales dramatically increaced their sales for adding their private brand.


Shopping center in Japan 2019 : 3,209 (By Japan Council of Shopping Centers)


The types of shopping mall varies among locals. I pick one sample.

Nara AEON appeals goldfish in an aquarium due to be famous for goldfish festival of Yamato Koriyama (大和郡山).


So, it is enjoyable to try several shopping mall in another area.


Private brand - Cheap but good retail saler brand for strongly appealling