After true outbreaks of corona virus in Japan in the begining of March, Japanese people's mind gradually has been turned into being negative.


When the groupe mind of psychology works, people tend to thinking about risk managment to shirink the risk of getting corona virus.


So, I watched a supermaket food like a lunch box or a bento has being piled up in a row. Maybe there's a risk to be "in a supermarket" or "food touched by someone who caught in virus. As a result, a shop staff was busy to attach a discount sale tag for bento. 


Also, mask to protect, canned food for preparing other future disaster has been out from sale rack from thinking about risk management.


Plus, stock ballance and company actibity also was restricted at some point.


I think that the spreading of nagative mind is also a thread. Because if resources are limited, people tend to comepete with procurement.


For summarizing, well protecting from virus is very important. 

However maily nagative reporting from media is having the risk to worsen our ecocomy from psychology aspect too.


Japan laid down countermeasure for fighting virus


Japan was forcusing on not going out during corona virus outbreaks from home.

And Japan people tends to obey the rules from government.


So, Japan has quickly become normal daily life rather than other contry.


Virus - a very small living thing that causes infectious illnesses.