Japan Kaiten-Sushi restaurant



"Kaiten sushi" is now very popular from children to the elderly. On holidays, there are many shops lined up, and you can see the sights all over the country.


The birth of conveyor belt sushi overlaps with the history of developing conveyor belts that carry sushi.



In the 2000s, the polarization of the 100-yen sushi restaurant, which sells 100-yen sushi in the suburbs, and the gourmet sushi restaurant, which offers sushi of several hundred yen or more per plate, will be polarized. .. 100-yen sushi is characterized by targeting families, increasing the number of seats in the box, and creating many devices that children can enjoy. On the other hand, gourmet conveyor belt sushi comes to pursue the quality of sushi.



Kaiten-zushi has evolved with the idea of "making sushi easier and more enjoyable." After achieving unique developments not found in other food service industries, such as systematization, it has become popular with many people.


Conveyor belt sushi  - You can choose to pick sushi on rotating machine.