Japan Pachinko Culture


The history of the pachinko industry is close to 70 years since the end of the postwar period, so it's not very difficult to describe in a word. Here, I would like to introduce only epoch-like movements with a quick run.


There are various theories about the current roots of pachinko. In the past, it was said that game machines such as the "Corinth game" and "Bagatel" imported from the West in the Taisho era were the starting point. Recently, it was found that vertical type game machines such as pachinko were scattered in various parts of Europe instead of such a specification of sleeping sideways, and the idea with this as the root has become mainstream.


The begining of the pachinko industry is that such game consoles are handled by street vendors and placed on fairs.


In recent years, with the aim of revcovering tha player population, we are actively engaged in the development of an easy-to-play enviroment with low-priced rental business represented by 1-yen pachinko, and the development of aumsement machines with a focus on entertainment that is supported by a wide range of people. However, the current situation is that the numerical recovery has not been reached.


Pachinko Parlour - In eastern region, Pachinko is called "Pachinko Parlour".