WANDS - Unique band in Japan, vocals have changed 


WANDS was top rock&roll and pop artist in 90's. Vocals are cool and nice guy.

So WANDS vocalists have changed three times in history.


First vocal named Uesugi has quit for difference of music direction. Next one was very simliar voice with Uesugi. Vocal name is "Waku".  He has high-tone and energetic voice for enticing people. However He tends to be avoiding showing his all face directly from finding out He is not "Uesugi" first vocal.


In japan, vocal change was not accecptable usually. So second "Waku" was short carrer of WANDS". He also quit finally.


And recently third volalist is "Uehara" is also great cool guy with doing other band.

However his vocal ability is too high and similar to "Uesugi".


He took a part of "WANDS" vocalist. 




This movie is first vocalist of WANDS (Uesugi show)

His voice was husky and cool voice. WANDS image has also vocalist is Uesugi from fan. So second vocalist "Waku" is hesitate to appear on TV. Second wore a pair of sunglassess for covering his face.


About second vocalist, please search by yourself on YOU TUBE.


Emotional POP - You will be killed by melodious WANDS sound!