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English is a universal language. English is the most commonly used language. And that will not change for the foreseeable future. English is the language that has the greatest potential for connecting with people around the world.
In the modern Internet society, anyone can access a lot of information regardless of country or region if the Internet environment is in place.
The spread of smartphones worldwide has made it easier and easier to access information, while at the same time providing more information.
In the modern age of computerization, information processing ability and information gathering ability to organize and collect a lot of information are required.
The key is definitely English. This is because the fact that English content is dominant on the Internet indicates that high-quality and reliable information is likely to be written in English.
Only 5% of the world has information written in Japanese. In other words, if you can speak English, you can access more information and broaden your options. The data on the language used on the Internet reasonably explains the importance of English.