Do you know English words we use in daily life is just around hundreds of words?

Reason why? we can save time to baisc words like "make" or "have" or "get" etc.. with conbination words of preposition such as "at", "on", "under" etc.. you can make new words like "get on", "make up".  


I think you can speak just arranging basic words to foam different meanings. So you don't have to take pains to learn so many English words.

Miyama-Cho Kyoto beautiful Japanese senery with snow
Miyama-Cho Kyoto beautiful Japanese senery with snow


Firstly you should notice searching way by using on-line English dictionary by yourself.


I introduce external links.


Longman Dictionary


And left one you could buy on amazon.


 Let's learn very basic words like this first.







Next put below words into your brain.







You just notice "English" is just words of arrangement in a sentence.





★No.1 You should learn very basic words firstly.

★No.2 Let's know usefull words of preposition group.

★No.3 Let's make sentenses by connecting basic verb and preposition to generate new meanings.

To catch the English meanings of nuance by English dictionary, you should study the phonetic symbols before inputting words.

Reason why? there would be the risk to understand with your original style.


The pronouciation is very different between Japanese and English due to difference in how to use our tongue.

For example, if we study the word of "throng", phonetic symbols is like θrɒːŋ.


English pronounciation is like inside-mouth orchestration.

Because a native speaker's mouth of English is busy work in their mouth for keeping tongue in front and back side of mouth.

Sometimes tongue is near to our uvula. Sometimes our tongue is on a teeth to make sound.


Breath control is such as "S" sound or "th" sound. These sounds are needed to get power to push breath with high speed to make sound.




The "Be verb" is the basic verb to express your state, situation.

By this "Be verb", you have to connect before and after words in a sentence.




My mother is very beautiful.

I was the Ultraman.

You are a hero.


And you can make "negative sentence" and "interrogative sentence or question" by changing a word order and adding a negative word.


Is my mother  very beautiful?

Was I the Ultraman?

You are not a hero?