Let's prepare English learning environment


It is funny? English study without using native language? I don't think so. 


About Enlgish, if we could firstly build up the basic skill such as English words, pronounciation, grammar,

English study equals to being finished 50%. Because the situation you can manage to read and write.


English without using your Native language will strenghen your English muscle greatly.


In other words, in daily life, sadly there're few chance to actually use English without working on world trade company or inbound business etc. However let's look around current developed internet situation. English studying material everywhere. 


From this aspect, once we could master just a basic Enlgish skill, it is better to put us in the situation which can only be permitted to use English. By changing English studying consciouness, we could dive into the English world to use convenient internet environment.


In GUESS ENGLISH, we forcus on English lauguage master just use ONLY English.