Collecting information in English is difficult [to summarize]

*This page is for English learner for Japanese.








In this column, I will post all the events that I come across, the setbacks, and the analysis data in English at once.


The content is "English", but I think that there are various ways to deliver English petit learning to English know-how introduction websites, knowledge introduction websites, and English youtubers.


For example, an English one phrase that can be used in such situations, and phrases used by natives are introduced in everyday situations with example sentences.


In fact, the type and pattern of information gathering and know-how gathering have already been decided to some extent in the content of "English", and although they have different expressions and expressions, they have similar discussions and ideas.


It is up to each person to decide whether or not to study English, but in today's world, the content of English content is no longer the norm, so I think that checking and clicking on the website itself has become troublesome. I will.


Here, I would like to summarize the information on the content "English" so that you can make a comprehensive judgment as to whether or not you should study English.



Factors that frustrate English learning




I don't have time to study English.


I can't improve my English.


Learn English all at once and end up with burnout syndrome.


The purpose and goal are not clear.


There is no suitable teaching material.


I'm learning by myself because I don't get feedback.


I keep taking the wrong method of my own style.


English learning itself cannot be continued.


I don't have the opportunity to use English.


I don't have the money to study English.


Learning English is not fun.


I am not good at learning English.


There is no end to learning English. There is too much to do.


It takes time to learn English.




Story often heard in English


1 million words should be read to improve English


If you study English, you can go abroad for work.


It takes 10 years and 2000 hours to study English.




There is an English learning book


It is more efficient to study recommended author's books intensively.


Rental at the university library.


How to read how-to books is not so meaningful. English only has input.


Many books introduce English conversation phrases.


When I go to a bookstore, there are too many English books, and they shrink.


One English grammar book is enough.


For English word books, books with full of example sentences and similar meaning words are efficient.


It is difficult to understand only by explaining the utterances of English pronunciation textbooks.


Opportunity to actually use English


Make foreign friends.


Participate in an English conversation circle.


Speak English online.


Change the source of information to English.


Actually, English is rarely used in Japanese business.


Jobs such as trade, international logistics, diplomats and expatriates who use English to negotiate.


Become an English teacher.


Actually, there are few situations where English is frequently used in Japan. (90% have unnecessary arguments)


English learning style


Set goals such as getting 700 points with TOEIC.


Learn according to your level.


First, learn 100 example sentences.


Learn 60 minutes before going to bed early in the morning or at night.


Read 1 million words in English.


Thorough listening while commuting.


Learn English words little by little every day.


Learn English aloud.




The future of English


The rise of AI simultaneous interpretation may eliminate the need for language skills.


It is necessary to continue learning English to maintain Japan's international competitiveness.


In most cases, information gathering on the latest IT technology is mainly in English.


It is better to have a natural English conversation than using an English translator, so English is required.


English learning know-how


Although English information is overflowing, all know-how is similar.


The level of progress and growth in English will improve as you progress through the stages and levels.


The key to continuing to learn English is how to find a chance to like English.


There is no shortest way to learn English. However, you can know the know-how of learning English in the shortest time.


For English conversation, if you stock English phrases to some extent, you will have a level of conversation.


Learning English does not require scientific methods or formal understanding.


-The magazines and books that collect English know-how continue to be sold for some reason. The demand will not disappear.


Actual TOEIC


Learning pattern learning. Similar questions are often asked.


Tests that require more concentration than English ability. It is really difficult to solve 200 questions in 2 hours.


Listening is too easy. Native English is several times faster.


TOEIC has been difficult since 2016, and reading has become a puzzle-solving problem.


Academic English test listening skills are better tested than TOEIC.


Efforts and learning will increase your TOEIC score, but you will also feel joy.


In large companies, the TOEIC score has been promoted and is a standard measure for expatriates.


Bad part of language classroom


The cost is relatively high.


I don't know if I will be able to speak English.


It does not always tell the know-how.


Difficult to learn at your own pace.


With an annual contract, you will spend days steadily working on the given theme of learning English.


Good points of language classes


Consulting will diagnose defects.


Group lessons are fun and fun.


Learn the joy of communicating and speaking in English.


Be able to acquire the habit of learning English in the form of homework.


Good things about learning English


Eiken 1st grade and TOEIC high scores depend on the type of work, but it is easy to get an advantage when changing jobs.


Understand subtitles of TED talks by leading people on the road.


Understand the meaning of Western music in English and listen while feeling.


Become an athlete who is active overseas.


Become an expatriate employee.


You can make a foreign lover.



As mentioned above, we would appreciate it if you could make a comprehensive judgment of the advantages and disadvantages of whether to start learning English and utilize it.