Gain first-class English skills with TED TALK. [Enjoying listening skills in English]

*This page is for English learner for Japanese.

Professional talk show in the field



TED TALKS Have you heard about it? Since 2010, it has become very popular, and now it's so big that TED TALKS is held in Japan. The lecture language is basic English, and it is an ideal English teaching material for those who want to study English.


Another feature is that first-class people on the road will give a short speech about 20 minutes to the world.


Due to its history, a considerable number of speeches have been stocked so far, but every speech is unique and interesting.


For example, a talk by Tesla President Elon Musk, a person who came out of LGBT, a beautiful woman who successfully escaped from North Korea, and a lecture by Horiemon who is trying to develop a small, ultra-low-cost rocket (Japanese). And so on.


You can use Japanese subtitles, but I want to understand in real English. Those who can download English scripts.


Also, because it is not a high-speed English pronunciation like movie English, it is characterized by relatively clear pronunciation and easy listening.


However, compared to listening with TOEIC, TED tends to sound a little faster. Isn't the standard for easy hearing a TOEIC score of 700 or 800? Until then, we recommend using English and Japanese scripts.


The first step is to learn English phonetic symbols until you can hear English easily. Train the correct native tongue movement and jaw movement pronunciation muscles. Improve the retention ability to remember English as a mass of sentences. For that purpose, we will do shadowing of English listening materials. By shadowing, you will be able to learn the tempo during the native rhythm and imitate the pronunciation.


You might be angry that you might introduce a hard English tool, but it's a very appealing content to sell what leading people are making speeches.


Please try to imagine. If I can speak English, I will speak to people around the world at the audience such as business and TED. How cool (laughs)


Also, the coolness of pronunciation peculiar to English is that, while vowels are important in Japanese, English is mainly consonant. So-called "Poo, Tsu, Suu" and so on are the main things, so the utterance method itself has speed and the edge is effective. It's a different dimension to say that it's cool, but English that emphasizes rhythm is really a language that feels like a drum. That's why it's so fun when you can speak.


It's been a long time, but in this TED introduction corner, I'm going to summarize Gesu mainly with the introduction of the speech that I was so impressed with so far.


Thank you.

Reaching the summit of Everest is a matter of life or death


The speech will be given by Ken Kamlar. He set up a camp in Everest and was a doctor to treat mountain injured.


There is an explanation of how terrible climbing Everest is from Kamler. For example, it is a scene where you use a dangerous ladder that will fall immediately if you step on a cliff such as a cliff, or near the summit where wind gusts blow off all the snow that has accumulated.


Rob Hall, one of the climbers, was wandering in the snowstorm, not abandoning Doug Hanson with him. Rob Hall calls his beloved wife to name his newborn baby, but unfortunately it was his last call.


At the third Everest camp site, Kamlar was helping the injured, but at the beginning Beckweather, who was supposed to have fallen dead due to a blizzard at the top of the mountain, returned. Is. He had terrible frostbite, but despite being buried in the snow for two days, he recovered and returned to normal functioning. The feeling that he should not die and come back for his family inspired him. Please watch TED TLAKS, which speaks in English the tremendous feeling of living in extreme conditions.

The fierceness for North Korean defector


This is very shocking, but it is a speech of a beautiful woman who has escaped from North Korea. It is the fact that the life and substance of North Korea are spoken openly, and the security situation at the time of North defection is amazing. The truth is that if you make a mistake, you may lose your life.


The number of North Korean defectors has reached a tremendous amount, but it's good to see why such beautiful North Korean defectors have been so much noted and appear in the media.


It is a speech in English, but it is also checked because there are also situations where you have to learn Chinese to escape from North.


Which do you take priority between "What" or "Why"?

It's fast, but the pronunciation in English is beautiful. He is a marketing specialist and mentor. His head is quite sharp, and his speech is quite convincing and drawn. This is an explanation of how leaders think, but it is very helpful because it is developed with a theory that has never been heard. I recommend you to watch it.


The best way for enticing audience



This is an insulative speech of those who have pursued how to speak to get people interested. The content is straightforward and persuasive like the god of presentation. It's a short story, but I am drawn to it while listening.




If you learn English in English, you will naturally learn English in English. As a result, this will lead to the improvement of English retention ability and the development of long-term English memory.


Peculiar life for the genius paintist



Although KK is pronounced in Indian English, it has some quirks, but it is not difficult to hear. He is a painting genius, but he gradually concentrates on making strange drawings. However, an encounter with a girl creates an emotional event.


It's interesting to hear.


View of life for the son of a terrorist


At TED Talks, there are sadistic speeches like terrorism, conflicts, and wars, which makes me think very much.


Endless challenge for reaching in the universe



Since TED will be attended by professionals on that road, even Horiemon was out.


Holliemon aims to make space by making small and inexpensive rockets, but from this time on, we can see our ambitions for space and the ambition that we will break through the stratosphere with lightweight rockets as a private company and make achievements. It's not like listening to English, but hot talk is unique to TED, so please try watching it while you're in English.


Cultivate second life with TED!



I am impressed with the courage to make a ferocious determination with TED, born as an LGBT and living like myself. A sense of liberty to openly and accept all of yourself rather than hiding the LGBT and living. It is an episode that if there is someone who comes out with such courage, it will be an encouragement for those who are also suffering.