We will introduce artists who covered Western music


*This page is for English learner.

Journey from Japanese to Western Music
Since GUESS COVER is interested in English, it will be a corner where Japanese artists choose and introduce artists who cover Western music.

Depending on the artist, most of the original songs are arranged, and there are also patterns that make the song feel better than the original song, so it's fun just to compare them.

Western music is a world that people who are not interested, such as songs that are being played in commercials, or because they are listening to friends, do not know. If you are not interested in English, some of you may be listening in the mood of the song.

GUESS COVER is a content created to get you interested in Western music.
Let's introduce it now.


WINK - Artist covered western music

Journey from Japanese to Western Music


Well, immediately, this artist is called Wink, and the song that debuted in the latter half of the 1980s and is a break is this "love cannot stop". If you don't know anything, it's a ballad with a mellow tone, and it's really Japanese. Although it was disbanded in 1996, it is a set of songs to put out and a masterpiece. In the early days, the pop color was strong, but in the 90's, it was a very unique idol, with some Arabian songs that seemed to have entered the original world. There are many other cover songs, so please find them.

By the way, this original song is...


【Original Song】


It will be Kylie Minogue. It will be the song when Wink debuted. I've been hit in Australia and England. Now he is a big veteran and he is still active.

In the case of Kylie, the tune was disco pop, and it was melodious and catchy, so I think that the wink was also in line with the dance music that was popular in the 1980s.

Both songs are almost the same and there is not much difference, but Kylie's way of singing is only foreign, so I feel dynamic.


B'z - Japan rock musicain who respect western music

Next is B'z, a super-gorgeous artist, which I used to listen to when I was a kid.
B'z has skipped the hits that are put out and is still a powerful artist who is still active, but he is a homage to Western music.

There are songs that are close to the original song, there are various things such as the melody is similar to the original song, the atmosphere of the song is similar, but here it is a representative enough to call it a chance for B'z to break There is a song called Bad Communication,
This is similar to the tone of big overseas artists, and listening to the original song makes me feel very fresh.

The original song is...


【Original Song】


It's Led Zeppelin, a legend in the music world. He made his debut in the 60s, but like the Beatles, the riff of his guitar is so cool that it affects later generations. Isn't the melody of the intro look quite similar?
Well, Led Zeppelin is also quite astringent.

And there are quite a few songs that are similar to this bad communication,


Perhaps because of the feeling, the atmosphere of the songs of this Doobie Brothers seems to be similar. It has been active since 1971 and is a band with West American tunes.

Actually, there are still songs with similar tunes. that is‥



This is Stevie Wonder. The tempo of the song is slow, but if you listen carefully you can't you hear the guitar riffs?

For Stevie, there are many songs that are quite astringent, or basically pop rock. He wears glasses because he is blind.
Even so, my musical talent is amazing. There are many other songs used in commercials.


Dream Come True - Happy Song maker


Although Dreamcam has been very active in the music scene of 1990, it seems to be a pop that pops out with a refreshing tone, but there were still songs with a similar tone.

As mentioned below, vocalist Maurice White has passed away, but the dance music that pops is still alive.

Please listen and compare.



Many of Earth, Wind & Fire songs are grooving and smooth, which makes me feel good when I listen to them. However, there is a song called "I NEED YOU" which should be called the ultimate ballad in Maurice's solo song, but the atmosphere has changed and the ballad that touches my heart is sung.


Mr. Children - Japanese romantic Pop Song


As everyone knows, this song that hit in 1994 was similar to Cindy Lauper's TIME AFTER TIME when I listened carefully.
Please compare this as well.



Cindy Lauper is a late-blooming singer who broke in the 80s. It's a big game, but it's highly sensitive, and I think it's the sensitivity that appears in the song.

When you hear her ballad


GReeeeN - No appearance musician

Since this band's main business is a dentist, he is a rare artist who does not appear at all, but this song released in 2019 will be a Western music melody I heard somewhere.
I used this riff for a career woman's comet in Chimi Blouson for a while, so it was a big hit in Japan and I heard it all over Japan.