There is the important aspect why Japanese people tends to give up during studying English.



One of the reasons is that no worry to spend our life without using English in Japan.


Once you go outside town area or village, you notice it is hard to find foreigner.  Like Tokyo, Osaka urban areas are easy to find due to major sightseeing spots by advertizing.


So, we gradually tends to fall into that "studying English is tommorow's matter". "I finished today's English task" "Plus, thinking about future, whether there's chance to ativate my English skill or not..." 


I can say our brain goes to easy direction. (Haha) And at last we will have gave up English study. 


However, English use chance in Japan currently is too limited.

So maybe there's no chance to use English..


Oh! wait. possitively let's think about whether there's merits or not in English studying seriously.


World-wide Trading company,  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in-bound service (Food, drink, hotel, transport)  , translator. 

English teacher, foreign-funded enterprizes,


Mastering Enlgish is very hard. So if have English skill, salary payment tends to be high trend. (Depending on business feild) 


This is the big merit!!


Yes you can search by English in the Internet, You can listen to foreigner's speach including their English word's nuance.

Plus you could maybe build up new business by using Enlgish toward true and near globalized future.

Have a strange perspective

In Japan, information tends to be biased. They see the same news, eat the same meals, and wear the same clothes. It's rare that something unusual comes to mind. What comes out of it is often within the imagination.
Many people who produce new ideas at any time have strange values or have lived a different life. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, all of you are amazing people who have a history. It might just have been called a weird by others (laughs).
Just learning English and communicating with foreigners will give you a sense of thinking that Japanese people do not. There are many things that foreigners wonder, such as "Why do Japanese apologize so much?" "Why do Japanese work so much?" "Why do Japanese keep silent?"
If you touch these ideas, you may be released from the common sense and elaborate thinking that has been tied up to now.
If you look at overseas news, you can see that Japanese news has a lot of bias. Information obtained from TV may not be very important in other countries, and conversely, even if it is hardly reported in Japan, it may be a big news overseas.


Live anywhere you like

If you learn English, you can live anywhere you like. The level of English you need depends on where you get your income from, but if you can get income from Japan using the Internet, you can live abroad if you have the level of everyday conversation.
In addition, since the source of income is from the Internet, you can live anywhere you like and for as long as you like. You can work anywhere you have Wi-Fi. Recently, more and more people are migrating overseas in this style.
On the other hand, if you have a base in one country and work locally, you need to learn English + local language. But if you have language skills and special skills, it is possible to live abroad.
In any case, you have a dream to live in your favorite country. “I like the Latin atmosphere of Spain and immigrated.” “I was fascinated by Italian food and decided to live there all the time.” If the number of such people increased, the world would be more interesting. In fact, if you can actually realize it, you will be absolutely happy


Travel abroad freely

I love travel. It is no longer a hobby, but it is at a level that will be mentally unstable if you do not go abroad regularly. Several countries travel a year.
At that time, just speaking English will ease your anxiety while traveling. Even if you get lost, you can read the map of the city and even ask locals for directions. If you have any troubles while staying at the hotel, if you explain to the receptionist in English, it will be resolved immediately.
And if you can read English, you can go abroad cheaply. Now that you have a low cost carrier (LCC), you can easily go from country to country for thousands of yen.


However, the homepage is often in English only. If you can speak English here, you can easily buy cheap tickets. Especially in Europe, there are companies such as Ryanair and Easy Jet that sell air tickets at prices similar to bus fares, so if you can read a little English, you can easily cross multiple countries.
When I was studying abroad, I traveled a lot in Europe, but I traveled to three countries and the airfare was 20,000 yen.