Before travel you should know for Japan

Let's study Japan
Miyajima island in Hiroshima Pref.
Miyajima island in Hiroshima Pref.

Japan's actuall multi-language-navigation infrustructure is very late.

Once you go to the Japan local area, you will notice there' the only Japanese descpritions in a museum or something.


So, with this situation, before travel, you should fix your travel destination and plan. After this, you should collect or gather sightseeing infomation such as usefull Wekipedia.  (Sometimes no info even "Wekipedia")


Japan's history is very hard to understand. Because Kanji (Chinese characters) is difficult. Gods like Japnese shinto shrine-related words  伊邪那美命、玉串. Buddism words like 般若心経. For even Japanese people, difficult to read shirne's history comment board..


About history or shirne or religion, I think it is ok to just know the basic matter from a book or internet.


Yet, with no any knowleadge, I think you could not feel happiness to know the back and front of history.


And how to move in Japan, 


Miyajima's old temple
Miyajima's old temple

To tell the truth, this is also very difficult even for Japanese person especially for Japan's subway, bus route, navigaton map on the road..

With this aspect currently needed navigation guide stuff or tour guide package sytems for smooth travel.


Then, hard to simulate problems are congestion situation like major spots. 

Once you visit, yet actually tourists people is being packed with so many people. and feel tired..


To avoid this, about major spots, I go to the tourist site in the early morning or later time in the evening for avoiding crowed.

Furthermore, I will search for local attractive spots to get away from major ones. 


Maybe main urban areas like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Nagoya are in possibility for being congested. So, going around major spots with a few spots, and manage to go around local attactive areas with many plans.

Is this cool? isn't it for relaxation?


If you could search better, still there are many attactive local spots in Japan.

So, please do study before you travel in Japan.


In recent years, smartphones have become an indispensable part of life due to the development of the Internet and the spread of SNS.
The same goes for foreign visitors to Japan, and many people search by smartphone to collect information on travel destinations.

However, in order to use a smartphone overseas, it is necessary to prepare a new communication method. And the means of communication varies from person to person. You wonder, "What is the most commonly used communication method for foreigners?"
It is said that foreign visitors to Japan use free Wi-Fi because they collect information on their smartphones while traveling.
In recent years, with the development of SNS and the like, the number of tourists who search for tourist spots on Instagram, Facebook, and blogs has increased. However, they cannot be searched without the Internet.
No matter how much you research in your own country, you may come across places you do not know during your visit to Japan.
In such a case, if you have free Wi-Fi, you can check it immediately
and it is convenient. 
Where foreign visitors to Japan use free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is available in the following places:

hotel / airport / restaurant / The premises of the railway station
Commercial facility Accommodations, airports, and restaurants are popular places for foreign visitors to Japan.
They seem to use free Wi-Fi when they are resting at the hotel or waiting for an airplane.


Free Wi-Fi is the most used communication method for foreign visitors to Japan. Recently, many tourists are searching for sightseeing spots and destinations from smartphones. In order to find and visit new sightseeing spots, it is essential to improve the Internet environment.

Communication methods include free Wi-Fi, mobile Wi-Fi router, international roaming, and SIM card. However, most foreigners feel that the hurdle is high when they need to carry a router, have high fees, and have a limited number of days.
Therefore, it seems that more than half of foreign visitors to Japan prefer free Wi-Fi.
In the case of Barcelona (Spain), this was also introduced to improve administrative work efficiency.
It has been reported that smart services such as garbage collection and parking lot management have been provided to reduce costs and alleviate congestion. Free Wi-Fi benefits not only tourists but also local residents.

Free Wi-Fi most often used by foreign visitors to Japan. By increasing this, it may increase the satisfaction of inbound customers and lead to more efficient administration.


Wifi Rentals

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- Return WiFi is just a return box.

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