Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.






Can you imagine "where in Japan" from just following pictures?


In Japan, there're still not-widely-known attractive spots rather than major ones.

So to pervade Japan's hidden charm, we mainly dare to dig out local spot's taste.


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Due to the difficulty of access and the weakness of applealing Japan's attactive spots by translating Japanese language, still there are many glamorous tourist destinations filled with mystical energy and aura.


So we challenge to introduce not-widly-known places mainly.  So now you can start "GUESS WAHT".



******** Shrine (8 WORDS)


Can you challenge "GUESS WHAT"

from only these right pictures?


The center person is the popular hero

of Japan forklore.His name is sometimes translated as "Peach boy(桃太郎)" who fought for chasing the demons away. So, this place is believed to be the one of Peach boy legends in Japan. And when I visited,


I noticed something unique character called  "Chiko-chan" with firing eyes in scarecrow-style. "Chiko-chan" became puplar in Japan who has the sharpest tongue to make her comment.


Yet this character is very good for audience.This sacred site was built in Showa era to pray for children's happiness.


The main character and his freind Statues are everwhere. So it's great chance to take many funny pictures here.


Anyway, let's start a "GUESS WHAT" of the roman alphabet with 8 words now.


Followings, we indicate "HINT" with

"Chinese Characters (KANJI)"  sometimes.


Momotarou Shrine Nagoya


◆Place      Inuyama City Aichi Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 桃太郎


- Sacred Shrine praying for kids

- Exhibition for scarecrow-style characters. 

- Alongside Kiso river


- Little world

- Japan monkey park

- The Sweets Castle (OKASHINO SHIRO)




******** Onsen (8 WORDS)


You could watch funny-mask men ("Hyottoko") here with strange dancing style if you visit in the begining of August of summer season. also notice there's the unique restricted mountain only climbed by a man. ("大峰山 - Ominesan") next you could find a blue colored picutre in mysterious cave after riding the cute moutaine trolley for approaching "Goyomatsu lime stone cave"


This tourist site is also famous for Onsen town ("温泉街") to feel Japan's past Showa era with retro atomsphere. And plus the elevation of village is 820m. so in summer season you could forget summer heat.


So begin with GUESS WHAT with using the HINT of Chinese Characters. ("洞川")


◆Place  Yoshino-Gun Nara Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 洞川


- Hot spring (Onsen) in 820m moutainside village

- Traditional and emotional Japanese scenery

- Cool site surrounded by mountains with 820m elavatoin

- Famous water called "rumbling water" (ごろごろ水)


Tenkawa village Nara prefecture


- Mitarai Valley

- Yoshinoji Kurotaki Roadside station

- Tanize Suspention bridge





The tower of the *** (3 WORDS)

Expo 70 was held in 1970 as the first world's fair. And this site is remained one. I heard Osaka Expo park event was very enormous. Major pavilions and attaractions were here but almost had been taken away. Althuogh the right simbolic tower of the stone is still standing out in Osaka. Nowadays, The place's been turned into a large park with Japanese Garden. and illumination event is being held for winter.


The Tower was created by "Taro Okamoto"(岡本太郎).

If when you vist this destination in the night, projection mapping will reflect in the winter especially for December.We will have been impressed by this colorfull beauty.


Sometimes you could enter inside the tower. (Please check availability) Furthermore, chinese noodles (ramen) festival("ラーメン博") will be held in December. The famous ramen noodles restaurants in Japan will gather around to appeal their great taste.


Anyway give us your "GUESS WHAT" of just Englihs 3 words which is radiating always to us everyday from a planet.



◆Place  Suita City Osaka Pref.


- The tower of the Sun monument

- Nearby large shopping mall with No.1 Ferris wheel in Japan.

- Beautiful Japanese garden styles in each ages 


- Hirakata Park

- Katuoji Temple

- Mino Park




********** Island (10 WORDS)

The island has mild temperature in the "Seto" (瀬戸) Island sea. The island is a part of Kagawa Prefecture and has an area of 153.30km2. This island was once known as Auzki and was part of Kibi province given to Sanuki province. 

Special products are "Soy sauce", "Olive oil", "Olive Udon". And instagramable scene is everywhere like the right ones. Kiki's delivery service (Gibli movie) appeales.


You can stride a broom to take a nice picture. Also the island is the place where Japan's deep culture have been well integrated beteween urban area and local area. You can access from every corners of Island by boat. South area is popluar with many enticing sports for tourists such as "Angel road". You can walk at the time of ebb tide moment only. (The sand walk appears.)

The island has a unique culture too to put round-face cute doll on the streets. During walking, you maybe could encounter them. In the city area, you will get into the town maze, complicated streets. Unique street is fun to walk as you'll find "Yōkai"(妖怪) shop like Japanese Apparition.

The island is deserved to be visited.So

You can GUESS WHAT now.


◆Place  Shodo-Gun Kagawa Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 小豆島


- Island packed with urban and contry style and mood

- Maze street for enjoyinjg retro town complication

- Yokai museum (a monster)


- Tamamo Park

- Teshima Island

- Naoshima Island



***** Athletic in Nagoya (5 WORDS)

The right big object is very famous from a long time ago. This hero came from M78 star to save the earth. Character special animation

(the Japan's poplular special effect film) started on TV from 1960's.

He usually fights for monsters frightening people on earth. My kids are mezmerized for his strength and braveness. Nagoya (Chubu region) has this unique athletic sports site for kids in Airport walk Nagoya shopping mall.Kids can meet with these unique characters whenever you are in this site. Also you can buy cute hero goods in here. Acutually in some Japan place, you could find these character specialized shops. But this site's althletic field is large to enjoy. Please do GUESS WHAT of famous hero in Japan.


◆Place  Kasugaigun Aichi Pref.


- In Airport walk Nagoya shopping mall

- This hero came from M78.

- You can enjoy athletic activity especially for kids.



- Aichi Museum of Flight

- Little world

- Japan Monkey Park