Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.



********* Taisha Shrine (9 WORDS)


Right arch of the bridge is very beautiful.

This temple is famous in Osaka area and shinto shrine. It is the main shrine of all this type of shrines in Japan.


Large crowds come to this shrine on New Year's Day for hatsumode. Plus this site is very Japanese-style instagramble place to visit. Site is like Japan garden atomosphere.


Especially for New Year's Day, so many people will come for praying for good new year to spend. Yatai (outside restaurant is open in this near year timing)  Now guess what!


◆Place  Sumiyoshi-Ku Osaka City Osaka Pref.


- The brigde (Taiko bridge) colored with red

- Feel solemness in this temple



- Tennouji Zoo

- Abeno Harukasu 300 Observatory

- Shitennoji Castle





It's a little difficult to find a coffee expert staff but here you can learn from history all about coffee things deeply in this Japan only museum built by "UCC" company.


Firslty you can taste a sip of coffee sampling for free. Next you learn true coffee attractiveness here and study old coffee machine from long time a ago. The place is in Kobe port island very near to the Kobe Airport.


Around this, you can shop the large furniture store IKEA KOBE.

Or experiment a wonder at Bando Kobe Sceience Museum.


So, let's do guess what.


◆Place  Chuo-Ku Kobe City Hyogo Pref.


- Coffee only museum

- Tasting coffee 

- Learning coffee history



- Bando Kobe Science Museum


- Kobe City Museum



******** Island (8 WORDS)


Here the shrine partly submerging in the freshwater lake you can see but how we can access? don't worry 10min by boat in this island.


The area is in Shiga Prefecture, the right picture picture is the island in the Biwa lake that is the largest freshwater lake in Japan standing out in a map too.


Haha Rarely there's a lsland in the lake. However acutually people are living at this place.


If you visit here and processing your foot to the farside of North.

you can finally find the torii (Entrance gate of Shrine) near to the lake. and the main hall of the shine is on the small hillside for stepping up stone steps. 


Islanders are living an keeping harmony with island's nature.


And you can also find cute island cats.  Island's shrine is a little far from the port pier but there's no prolblem to take a walk to do adventurous lsland walking path.


You could feel mysterious aura which shrine emanates. So, let's do GUESS WHAT now.


◆Place  Omihachiman Shiga Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 沖島


- Island in the large lake in Japan

- Feel island's original daily life style

- Access by boat just 10 min.

- Taste old temple, island house, cats, back alley etc..



- Shiga Prefecture Kibogaoka Cultural Park 

- Lake Biwa Museum



Minetopia ****** (6 WORDS)


A mine are (Tonaru) is called "Oriental Machu Picchu.

From 1916 to 1930, there were around 3,800 people living in the mountainside of elation 750m high. Now town has turned into the nostalgic industrial ruins as boasting No.1 copper yeild.


You can actually learn passing through the famous cave. And adore an old Japanese workers as great effort for digging out copper to develop current Japan. The place was newly born as the roadside station now.  


So, Onsen with relaxation has also installed in same roadside station.  Anyway, please try to dig out your GUESS WHAT.


◆Place  Niihama City Ehime Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 別子


- Famous mountain famous for material

- Japan development supported by material

- Like oriental machu picchu

- Atomsphere like also Gibli studio Japan



- Yamane Park

- Akagane Museum

- The railway History Park in Saijo



******* jima Shrine (7 WORDS)


The right vivid red shrine gate is the entrance to adore the god who has legent that generated this Japan in history.


Other than this, this lsland is very scenic place for seaside driving.


You can drive alongside the near beatiful sea of Setouchi.


And in the way, also find a beautiful park and amusement park.


In the northwest side sea, basically shallow water. and you could find many cute fishes here.  famous for an onion and a beef.


Very tastefull of curry meting with onions many.

Anyway, give us your guess what.



 ◆Place  Minamiawaji City Kobe Pref.


- Island in the 5th largest island in Japan

- The No.1 longest bridge from Kobe access

- An eddy current

- Lengend shrine whick generated Japan 



- Nushima Island

- Awaji Farm Park England Hill 

- Awaji Puppet Theater