Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.


**** Onsen (4 WORDS)

It's an island called "Shikoku" by Japanese.


Shikoku region has 4 prefectures. each area is large.


And traveling takes time.

However each prefectures has charm points. this time site

is Ehime prefecture famous for tangelin.


And this spring is the one of 3 old onsen spring in Japan.


You could stroll along beautiful night Japanese old stylish street.



◆Place      Matsuyama City Ehime Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 道後


- 3000 onsen history

- Famous for mandalin orange

- Nostalgic Onsen town atmosphere


- Bochan retro SL train

- Entertainment clock near to the station

- Matsuyama Castle



****** Port Sea Train Land (6 WORDS)


An amusement park near Nagoya Port.

There are various attractions for children to enjoy, like ferris wheel, coaster, merry-go-round, and battery car. 


A thrilling see-through gondola also appeared.


The highlight here is the largest ferris wheel in this area,
85 meters high.
You can see not only Nagoya city but also Nagoya Port, one of Japan's leading international trade ports,
with a bar-eye.
The feeling of floating in the sky with considerable thrill is exceptional.


◆Place      Nagoya City Aichi Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 名古屋


- Entrance fee is free

- Near Nagoya Port

- Cool illumination at night



- Nabanano-Sato

- Nagashima spa land

- Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium



Townscape of ******* (7 WORDS)


Time slip in the Edo period! Japanese heritage Mitarai streets

This place, which flourished as a port town waiting for the wind and tide in the Edo period, was selected by the government in 1994 as a preservation district for important traditional buildings.
The Mitarai area was formed in the middle of the 17th century, and has been developing as a relay port for Seto Inland Sea traffic until the early Showa era, about 200 years after the Edo period, and until the early Showa period.
It is fixed to. Anyway give us your GUESS WHAT.


◆Place      Hiroshima Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 御手洗


- A island in Setouchi islands

- Remained like "Edo" town in a lsland

- Relaxed atomsphere for forgetting busyness of urban life



- Rekishinomieru-Oka Park

- Sumiyoshi Shrine

- Stone high lantern


********* Castle (9 WORDS)
This castle was built in Katsuyama, 132m above sea level, in the center of Matsuyama City.
The Honmaru at the summit and the Ninomaru, a historical site garden at the base, and the Sannomaru, a park known as Horinouchi Park, spread out.
It is one of the "Existing Twelve Towers" and there are 21 important cultural properties in the castle. 


◆Place      Matsuyama City  Ehime Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 松山


- The castle which was not broken down

- The castle situated in the mountainside

- Ropeway to hillside



- Dōgo Onsen

- Ehime Kid's Castle

- Sakanoue Kumo Museum


****** Museum  (9 WORDS)
During the war, Kure Port flourished as Japan's best military port and built the famous battleship Yamato.
After the war, it produced many of the world's largest tankers.
This museum introduces the science and technology of shipbuilding and steel through the history of Kure since the Meiji era


◆Place      Kure City Hiroshima Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 大和


Exibition of sunken replica strong ship

Rare Zero fighter jet

- Will inviting tears from war dead 



- Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure Museum 

- Irifuneyama Heritage Museum

- Areikarasukojima Park