Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.


***** Onsen  (5 WORDS)
This site is one of the three hot springs that represent Japan.
The hot springs at Arima Onsen are simple hot springs designated by the Ministry of the Environment as recuperation springs, carbon dioxide springs, bicarbonate springs, chloride springs, sulfate springs, iron-containing springs, sulfur springs, and radioactive springs.  Contains ingredients.
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◆Place      Hyogo Prefecture

◆Chinese Characters 有馬


- Retro atomsphere onsen town with old templs and street

- Footbath for free

- Taiko-no-yu (26 various baths)



- Kobe Fruit Flower Park

- Hyogo Prefectural Arimafuji Park

- Arima Tots and Automata Museum


*********** Museum  (11 WORDS)
The Denki Science Museum is a facility where you can have fun while learning about electricity and energy and interact with science.
In the exhibition room, you will learn about the history of electricity, various energy principles and mechanisms, the environment and energy, etc.
At the Science Plaza, you will be able to have fun while learning about hands-on experiments that make you wonder about science. 


◆Place      Nagoya City Aichi Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 電気


- Admission is free

- Study through Electricity experiment 

- Science show



- Shirakawa Park

- Nagoya City Science Museum

- Nagashima Spa Land



Innoshima ****** Castle  (9 WORDS)


This place is an island famous for the Murakami Navy.


The history of the Murakami Navy is not an exaggeration to say the history of this island.


There are many scenery that can only be seen here, and you will often be healed while watching the beautiful sunset.

Innoshima has many sightseeing spots that can be
njoyed not only by the history but also by the family.


◆Place      Onomichi City Hiroshima Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 水軍


- Setouchi lemon

- Seaside veiw alongside mountain hills

- Hassaku Orange



- Ohamasaki Lighthouse

- Innoshimaohashi Memorial Park

- Innoshima Bridge



********** Central Park  (10 WORDS)
A municipal park with a total area of 36 hectares.
Centered on the memorial tower for the victims of the bombing of the Pacific War in the Pacific War on the hilltop, a rotating café observatory, a peace museum with library space, an aquarium popular with sea turtles and penguins, and a greenhouse full of tropical, subtropical and desert plants
you can also enjoy the natural scenery that can be enjoyed seasonally, such as rose gardens, cherry blossoms, and plums. Also, since this park was the site of the Himeji Expo held in 1966, part of the pavilion remains in the park,


◆Place      Himeji City Hyōgo Pref. 

◆Chinese Characters 手柄山


- The remainded place of Himeji Expo

- Cenotaph for war dead

- Castle walking



- Himeji City Aquarium

- Himeji Castle

- Himeji Central Park



****** Museum  (9 WORDS)


The right Shrine is the only one in Japan that consists of a group of sleeping palaces and a large torii gate located in a place with a tide.


This glamorous and mysterious architectural beauty attracts



The island itself has been worshiped as a god since ancient times,

as the etymology of "Island deities".


Itsukushima Shrine, which is mysteriously built on the sea, was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1996.


It is also an ancient shrine that many people worshiped, and it is a tourist attraction that many people from home and abroad visit throughout the year. 


◆Place      Hatsukaichi City Hiroshima Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 宮島


- Very famous and beautiful sea shrine

- Momiji manjou 

- Cute deer all around


- Atomic bomb dome

- Miyajima Aquarium

- Hiroshima Victims Memorial Park