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****** City Science Museum  
This science museum in the city of Nagoya is characterized by the world's largest planetarium, where you can enjoy science from various angles. ``
Water open space '' that reproduces various forms of water, artificial tornado, `` Frigid cold laboratory ''
where you can experience minus 30 degrees Celsius and enjoy aurora images, `` Discharge lab '' that reproduces electric energy in a visible form Large exhibits are also gaining
in popularity.



◆Place      Nagoya City Aichi Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 名古屋


- Wolrd's largest planetarium

- Earth experience with unique projection

- Attractive science experiment



- Electricity Museum

- Nagoya Castle

- Shirakawa Park


**** Temple  (4 WORDS)
Hase-dera Temple is said to have been inaugurated in 736 (Tenpei 8), and is known by the name of "Hase Kannon" (Nara Hase-dera Temple was called
"New Hase-dera Temple").

The main statue of the eleven-faced wooden
Kannon statue, carved from a single camphor tree at the wish of Tokumichi Kaigayama, is 9.18 meters tall
and is one of the largest in Japan.

However, there is no record that Hase-dera temple had
existed since Tenpyo, and the inscription on the temple
bell suggests that it was built in the late Kamakura period.
It is popular as a temple where you can enjoy seasonal flowers throughout the year, especially the hydrangea that blooms on the view walkway (hydrangea walkway) in June.
It is also known as a sea-viewing temple,
and you can overlook the sea of Yuigahama from the observatory and the view walkway.


◆Place      Kamakura City Kanagawa Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 長谷


- Scenic temple's beautiful garden

- Dinamic view from high hillside

- In famous Kamakura area



- Enoshima Island

- Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū


****** Temple  (7 WORDS)
Zenkoji is a Shingon sect temple facing the Hirano Chuo-hondori Shopping Association.
Zenkoji was born 1,400 years ago. It is said that it began when Prince Shotoku laid down the statue of Yakushi Nyorai.
Although the main hall was partially destroyed in the Osaka Summer Camp in 1615 at the beginning of the Edo period,
it was rebuilt in 1661 and is known as one of the old wooden buildings in Osaka Prefecture.


◆Place      Yao City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 全興


- Experience of Hell

- Unique monument

- Osaka downtown area (Yao city)



- Osaka Museum of Natural History

- Nagai Park

- Kyūhōji Green Space

Setagaya ******* Shopping Street  (7 WORDS)
This Street is a generic term for three shopping streets around Soshigaya-Okura Station.
In April 2005, these shopping streets, and the government and Tsuburaya Productions has united and created with the aim of "Ultra urban development" to revitalize this town.

You can buy this character goods at several shops such as "Café Melody" in the shopping street.
It is a very lively street filled with many people.


◆Place      Setagaya-Ku Tokyo Pref.


- Special-effects-use hero

- Character monuments around town


- Setagaya Museum

- Todorikikeikoku Park

- Jōshinji Temple 

******* Temple  (7 WORDS)
There're many temples in Tokyo. However this temples is the most famous and the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo.
The shrine which has the five-storied pagoda and been filled with sacred incense. People visited for centuries. And this sacred site shows the same taste as before.


◆Place     Daito-ku Tokyo Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 浅草


- Famous for Kaminari-mon

- Many souvenir shops around here

- Traditional downtown atmosphere


- Tokyo Skytree

- Ueno Zoo

- Tokyo Ntional Museum