Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.


******* en (7 WORDS)
This hillside restaurant located in Kishiwada City, Osaka pref. since 1976. And their concept is very unique style.
There are 45 differenct types of brewing soy-sauce making barrels on the premises, all of which are private rooms.
(Some rooms are ok with a dog.)
These huge barrels were used for brewing soy sauce
and been remodeled as a private restaurant room.
Inside, you can eat "teppanyaki" in a huge barrel.
especially for juicy grilled mutton dish.
Also this restaurant where you can enjoy a meal with your dog without worrying about the surroundings as if you were eating at your own home.
Another enticing point here is the garden where you can enjoy various scenery throughout the year, such as cherry blossoms, plums, fresh greens, hydrangea, October cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.
Especially during the cherry blossom season, it seems that many customers can come to see it and I would definitely like to go next year. Now you can guess what.



◆Place      Kawai-cho Kishiwada City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 山麓園


- Eat in soy-sauce base barrel

- Beautiful seasonal garden  

- Juicy grilled mutton dish


- Okushima athletic sport

- Tonboike Park

- Aisai road sation

******* Port (7 WORDS)
A seafood-don filled with many fresh Tuna in you mouth with reasonable price neart to the port in Shizuoka Pref.
Just in 4 minute walk from Shimizu station, you can enjoy great seafood don in "Kashi-no-Ichi" which have various fresh sea food market.
The right port picutre is a beautiful port with great scenery, like Matsubara of Miho 'Registered as World Cultrual Heritage site), Mt. Fuji behind. 
The Miho Peninsular protects this port like a breakwater.
And this is one of the three major ports in Japan.
Highway interchanges and national roads are close to this port.
So it is a friendly port that can be used not only for business purposes but also for tourism and leisure.
So now you can guess what with this port.


◆Place      Shimizu City Shizuoka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 清水


- Fresh and delicious Seafood don

- Famous for Shimizu S-PULSE Japan soccer club team


- Seikenji-temple

- Kashi-no-ichi (Fish eat-in market)



***** (5 WORDS)
A place in Nara filled with rich history and natural beauty, 
Nara is known as the spiritual home of the Japanese people. Mainly shrines and temples are spotted everywhere.
This seems there are few playing facility for young or kids. Yes, this aspect. Yet more than this, you can enjoy deep nature and relaxed and calm nostalgic scenery wholely.
Japan has mort than 2,000 years history. And this Nara area came into existence about 1,400 years ago and took part as the political, cultrual center of the country around 100 years.
The numerous temples, burial mounds, stone structures are remaining in the area for simbolizing Nara Era.
The the city's temples and Buddist sculpture were followed by the Hakuho and Tempyo cultures and passed on to Heijo-kyo which is the site of the capital during the Nara period.The foundation ofthis era became today's Japananese basic culture. Trip arerecommended for using bicycles in this village. Now you can GUESS WHAT.


◆Place      Takaichi-Gun Nara Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 飛鳥


- Feel ancient time by just strolling

- Watch ancient tomb called Fofun

- Historical romantic aura


- Ishibutai Kofun Tumulus

- Oka-dera Temple

- Asuka-dera Temple



***** (5 WORDS)
Refering to Shizuoka, there are many attractive sightseeing spots like Hamamatsu, Izu, Mt. Fuji, Hakone.
This old onsen town is very popular which located on the east side of the Izu Peninsula.
It is known as a hot spring resort that can be easily accessed. 
The sea here display various expressions depending on time, season weather.
There are beaches such as Nagahama Beach, Ajishiro Onsen Beach, and Atami Sun Beach, each with its own personality.

Fresh seafood, such as oily golden bream and horse mackerel 
is very cool.
And you also find various souvenior shops just after getting of Atami statoin.
So let's try GUESS WHAT of this town.


◆Place      Shizuoka Prefecture

◆Chinese Characters 熱海


- Historical cool&old Onsen town

- Whitebait seafood don

- Popular shopping district filled by many tourists


- Sun beach

- Kinomiya Shrine

- Ito river walking 


******** (8 WORDS)
Elegant sound of wooden clogs (Geta) everywhere in Onsen town especially for this area. Townscape macthes with "Yukata".
The trait is that you can going around 7 outdoor bath. The hot spring town has a retro atmosphere which makes you feel nostalgic. Onsen is a town built entirely for the needs of visitors.
Whether it is strolling through the beautiful, willow-lined streets dressed in yukata as you visit the many relaxing hot springs, enjoying fresh crab or Tajima steak at a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan), or simply taking in the scenery, culture and atmosphere of old Japan that lives on in Kinosaki to this day,
You can do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Toyooka City Hyōgo Pref.

Chinese Characters  城崎


- Historical northside Hyōgo Onsen town

- Outdoor bath is free for bathing your foot only

- Enjoy retro style game center



- Kinosaki marine world

- Genbudo Park

- Kinosaki ropeway