Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.



****** (6 WORDS)
The city is filled with rich culture in history and art and located at the area of the Izu Peninsula.
There are many natures that have continued since of delicious food preduced by the rich soil and climate at the western Hakone.
The city has long prospered as the front town of Mishima Taisha Shrine as the eleventh post town of the 53rd Tokaido (東海道53次).
The underground water of Mt. Fuji springs out and flows all over the city. and it is also a water city selected as one of the "100 Best Water Towns". So now you can GUESS WHAT now!


◆Place      Shizuoka Pref.

Chinese Characters 三島


- Super Clear water town

- Beautiful 源平衛川(Genbe river) to walk along 

- Mishima Taisha Shrine



- Mishima Sky Walk

- Izu Fruit Park

- Mentai Park Izu


Shinike Historic ****** Factory Park
 (6 WORDS)
This park is Japanese called  埴輪 Park. The site of Shinike Ruins, which was the ancient 埴輪 Factory, has converted into a park.
The site was said to have been a place for baking haniwa from the 5th to 6th centuries. 
The Shinike archeological site is the site of the oldest and largest Haniwa factory in Japan.
The 埴輪 Plant Park preserved the Shinike Seki, the oldest and largest Haniwa plant in Japan, and was opened to the public in March 1995 as a park. 
About 1500 years ago, there were 18 kilns and a workshop
( A large-scale building with three buildings and a residence for Haniwa craftsmen (artisans).
This park preserves and maintains archeological sites restores the Haniwa workshop and the Haniwa kiln
As a result of the excavation, there were 18 kilns for burning haniwa, 3 workplaces (tou), and a pit type where craftsmen lived.  


◆Place      Takatsuki City Osaka Pref.

Chinese Characters 埴輪


- Many replica of 埴輪

- Feeling ancient time in downtown

- Addmission is free 


- Settukyo Park

- Hagitani Total Park

- Hirakata Amusement Park


********* Park (9 WORDS)
TV staff and movie director will come for shot of photogenic scenery many times. This park is situating in small hill of the Yokohama port area of seaside.
The place was built as support of revitalizing from Kanto Big earthquake in 1930. so have the long history.
Once you pass through the gate, you will be amazed by various beautiful flowers. and people are always exhilating to take a picture with their freinds and couples and families. 
And this Yamate-area is the world of richman's house. By just walking around, you could feel happiness.
And the largest China town of Yokohama is also very near to this park. Anyway let's start a GUESS WHAT.


◆Place      Yokohama City Kanagawa Pref.

Chinese Characters 山下


- Great Yokohama seaside view from hillside

- Yokohama Foreign General Cemetary

- Elegant and photogenic flower garden



- Yokohama China town

- Yokohama Landmark Tower

- Queens Square

******* Kannon Temple (7 WORDS)
Can you imagin where this place is?
This place is on the topside of small mountain. And you have taking pains to get there.
Temple itself located in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. And built by engraving a sacred Kanzeon Bodhisattva
on a standing tree for exorcising people's illness and illness in a 42-year-old terrible year.
Kobo Daishi Kukai opened the Tategisanji Temple.
There is the statue of Kukai riding a deer on the grounds.
When Kukai came to this area, he looked at Mt. Tachiki from the other side of the Seta River and found that she found
a shining spirit tree. Kukai tries to go to the spirit tree, but the river is so intense that he cannot cross it.
When Kukai was in trouble, a white stag appeared there and
took him to the spirit tree.


◆Place      Otsu City Shiga Pref.

Chinese Characters 立木


- 800 stone steps to main hall

- Green raging river scenery

- Founded by Kobo Daishi "空海" Kukai


- Enryakuji Temple

- Biwako Valley

- Ishiyamade Temple




****** Park (6 WORDS)


In good access, they were standing. Yet, main castle tower has ruined.


It was said Castle was the largest in the Shikoku region.


The castle which was the dwelling of the Ikoma family, the lord of Sanuki, the Matsudaira family, the lord of the Takamatsu feudal lord.


The castle that drew the Seto Inland seawater into the moat is famous for Japan's three largest water castles.

In the park, there are many Tsumi turrets and turrets, Mizue gates, Watari turrets, and Sounkaku designated as important cultural properties of the country.
So let's do GUESS WHAT.
Oh!. Don't forget Kagawa Pref. is very very famous for Udon noodles which is so chewy.
"Udon" Restaurants are everywhere in Kagawa.


◆Place      Yakamatsu City Kagawa Pref.

Chinese Characters 玉藻


- Takamatsu Caslte

- Feeding Red snapper

- Scenery from 天守台(Tower)


- Kagawa Museum

- Ritsurin Garden

- Sanuki Kodomono Kuni