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******** Hachiman-Gu (10 WORDS)
Until you reach the main hall of shrine, you gracefully taste nostalgic shopping and sourvenir shop street.  
The Shrine is located in the center of the ancient city of Kamakura.
One of the three Hachimangu. ("Usa Hachiman-Gu", "Iwashimizu Hachiman-Gu",) History begins with Kohei 6 (1063), when Yoriyoshi Minamoto recommended Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine in Kyoto to Yugi Tsuruoka (now Zaimokuza) as the guardian deity of Genji.
At a later time, "Motoori Yoritomo" moved to his current location and is now named this Shrine.
The shrine has been worshiped by the Kamakura Shogunate, was widely revered as the god of war and the god of victory.

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◆Place      Kamakura City Kanagawa Pref.

Chinese Characters 鶴岡


- Nostalgic shopping street

- Founded in 1180

- Increacing "Game Luck" for praying


- Enoshima Island

- Hasedera Temple

- Kotoku-in


****** no Satomure Roadside Station 
The village has many attractive points, so many people visit it every day. This site is located in a place that is famous as an ancient battlefield for the battle of Genpeiya Island. 
you can see the superb view of the Seto Inland Sea. In addition, you can see Kotohira Electric Railway, which is irresistible for railway lovers, up close.
The seafood restaurant Jakoya in the village of Genpei is a self-service dining room.  They offer fresh seafood caught in the Seto Inland Sea, so they are fresh. It is crowded with many people on holidays. For this reason, Kagawa Prefecture is known as the birthplace of hamachi cultivation.


◆Place     Takamatsu City Kagawa Pref.

Chinese Characters 源平


- Hamachi soup bowl

- Retro Kagawa train

- Open space retro scenery



- Ritsurin Park

- Sanuki Kodomo no Kuni park

- The remains of Takamatsu Castle 


****** no miya (6 WORDS)
The area is a famous cherry blossom spot in Osaka.
A row of cherry blossoms along the Okawa, a cherry blossom through the Mint. There was a shrine called "******nomiya".
it seems that many cherry trees were planted after that.
The name comes from its original location, Sakurano.
The shrine was washed away by the flood in 1620 and settled on the embankment of the former Yamato River.
It seems to have moved. However, most of the cherry trees that had been planted on the grounds of Sakuranomiya died in the Great Flood of 1885.
Floods have been stricken even on land that has been protected from floods, so there is no calamity.

By the way, the place is also called Sakuranomiya Shrine, and there is a row of cherry trees at Sakuranomiya Park. 
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◆Place      Kita-Ku Osaka City Osaka Pref.

Chinese Characters 


- Spring Season full blooming cherry blossums

- Tenjin Festival place for great fireworks

- Okawa River cruise


- Osaka Castle

- Osaka Museum of History

- The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living



***** sanjo Amusement Park
 (5 WORDS)
Amusement parks in Kansai continue to decline these days.
Yet the right Amusement Park celebrated its 90th anniversary on March 27 in 2019.
The Amusement Park opened in 1929 around the summit of Ikoma at an altitude of 642M.
There are many attractions for children, family, couple.
the oldest 30-meter high “flight tower” gondola overlooks the Osaka Plain.

The number of visitors to the park reached its peak during the postwar period of high economic growth.
Gradually decreased due to the birthrate declining in the Heisei era. 
This site is popular in summer time. 
because the temperature is 3-5 degrees lower than in the plains. 
The park is closed in winter season from December to mid-March.
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◆Place      Ikoma City Nara Pref.

Chinese Characters 生駒


- Montain side

- View points in amusement park

- Historical place


- Hozanji Temple

- Kuragari toge

- Ryuganji Temple



Hyogo Prefectural *** Seaside Park
 (3 WORDS)
This area faces the Seto Inland Sea and overlooks the Ieshima Islands and Shodoshima in the sea. Plus long history of salt production here.
There was a flow-down (Ryukashiki) salt field that was conducted from the late 1940s to a waste salt field.
The Hyogo Prefectural Seaside Park was created
in this vast salt field in July 1987.
This Seaside Park takes advantage of the local natural environment and the historical background and has amusement park.
Young people, families and the elderly can have fun. 
It is widely provided to the citizens of the prefecture as a park that carries moisture and gives comfort and
relaxation to the familiar living environment. 
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◆Place      Akō -shi Hyōgo Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 赤穂


- Salt feild

- Mild temperature facing the Seto Island

- Near Okayama border


- Kakuijima Island

- Himeji Castle

- Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge