Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.





**** '70 Commemorative Park



This Pavilion was opened in 2010 as a memorial hall to display various objects used at the Osaka exhibition and valuable things at the time, including undisclosed objects.


The building is a recycle of the Steel Pavilion that was a pavilion and is located in the corner of natural park.


On the 2nd floor of the pavilion, there is an entrance to the 160m corridor, illuminated by peculiar red lighting, and use the walls, ceiling, and floor of the corridor to present actual materials

such as photos, pamphlets, posters, and official goods. 


It shows a scale rarely seen in the history of the Expo, and through videos and materials.


You can learn about the enthusiasm and gorgeousness of the big event, which was more than double the number of visitors expected at the beginning and packed with more than 64 million people.

Anyway you can do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Suita City Osaka Prefecture


- Taro Okamoto design 

- Recollecting nostalgic age

- Cheap price to enter



- Hirakata Amusement Park 

- Shinkansen Park

- Panasonic Suita Studium 




******* Sanjo Yuen Park (7 WORDS)


Taking a walk in this park is basically using a lift machine.


One of retro type lift machine is called "Carlator".


Once you get on, you could feel cool breeze and see dynamic Kobe moutain veiw and Kobe sea view. 


The whole park has a spectalular view spot on the west side of Kobe and overlooking the Seto Inland Sea and Akashi Bridge and Osaka Bay.  


When I visit this, I felt very relaxed to adore dynamic mountain veiw. and you can also enjoy the nature of wild birds singing while enjoying flowers such as cherry blossoms in April and plums in February.


The top area has a 360-degree panoramic view from the Suma Coast to the Rokko Mountains.  Anyway let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Suma-ku Kobe City Hyogo Prefecture

◆Chinese Characters 須磨浦


- Feeling like hopping mountain range to use a lift machine

- Unique shaped object park

- Small sized amusement ride


- Mitsui Outlet Park Kobe Annex

- Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

- Suma Aqualife Park Kobe






*** (3 WORDS)


There are many options to spend here. like watching Osaka bay area, seeing Sun-flower boat, athletic field for kids (Asobimare) and big shopping mall.


This area is located in Suminoe-ku, Osaka. The facility is a large complex that composed of two buildings like the ITM building and the O's building with a feeling of resort located by the sea.


And there's unique place like "Mentai Park". (They sell spicy cod roe "Kanji 明太子") You can watch production scene of 明太子. and buy related souvenir.


About Osaka bay area, this is good access for other major attraction such as "Universal Studios Japan" and "Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan".

So let's start GUESS WHAT now.

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◆Place      Suminoe-Ku Osaka City Osaka Prefecture

Formal name  Asia&Pacific Trade 


- Big scale event space

- World trade center

- Gigantic shopping mall


- Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

- Bird Sanctuary Central Square

- Universal Studios Japan




******* Kingdom (7 WORDS)


The fear that be swalled by "Dinosaur" during sliding but don't worry. Maybe you could get out of their stomach.


Because this is a park in the southernmost Osaka Pref.


There are open lawn space and playground equipment, This place is a recommended park for families particularly.


In the roller slide, which goes into the mouth of a huge dinosaur,  You could here crying sound in the stomach of the dinosaur.


Furthermore, there are many people who can bring lunch boxes when the weather is sunny.


Or go to see cherry blossoms during the spring season.


Anyway, if you want to get the impact with your kids, It's deserved to be visited. So give us your GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Hannan City Osaka Pref.


- Very long dragon slider

- Mountain topside scenic view

- Good for cherry blossom season 



- Wakayama Castle

- Hamanomiya Beach




********** Beach (10 WORDS)


This beach is close to Wakayama Marina City.

The beach with a sense of resort lined with palm trees.

When I visited, I did Kite rising with using Sea cool breeze.

As wind was strong, My kite turned around at same place many times haha. A huge phoenix lined up matched for the resort mood. 


So take a picture with harmonizin sea water and the bridge.

And don't miss beauftiful sunset here.  It is popular with families because the water depth is as shallow as 1.5m even offshore 100m from the beach. 


By the calm of the sea and the blessed wind and colorful resort hotel,marine sports such as  windsurfing, surfing and Jet skiing are popular activity outside in the beach area. let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place  Wakayama City Wakayama Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 浜の宮


- Broad view to watch bridge and palm trees

- Clear sea water

- Good access from Osaka


- Wakayama Marina City

- Wakayama Castle

- Kainan City Wanpaku Park