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Heisei ******* Children's Park



Fit words? Yes. this Dinosaur concept park!


The whole athletic course itself is a Dinosaur shape. So, kids can maybe be energized.


The right dinosaurs facing each other through the yellow arch is the place you can take a photogenic scene.


As you proceed, you will see a huge dinosaur playground. 


There are interesting tricks, such as places that sway and shake. 


ThePark is an area surrounded by nature. 


Wherever you look 360° angle, the park is encircled in green scenery and feel the changing seasons.


In particularly cherry blossoms in the park is the good to watch.  


you can also see insects like grasshoppers and dragonflies. 


So take a GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Uda City Nara Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 榛原


- Dragon concept athletci park

- Camp site 

- Beautiful mountain range


- Soni Kogen (曽爾高原)

- Uda Animal Park

- Muroufushiginomori Park





****** Kaikyo National Government Park  (6 WORDS)


Let's try to forget daily stress and busy matter here. This place is for everybody.


Beautiful flowers, the largest park for kids, unique facilities.


And you can off course enjoy the seasonal flowers and spring tulips and muscari.


The broad lawn is feeling good. and the largest playground equipment in Kansai is popular with kids. 


And this Park provide a panoramic view of the sky and sea of Osaka Bay.  People who visit here can enjoy a variety of landscape changes with seasonal flowers and trees.


Yumekko Land, a compound playground equipment located on the lawn square, is a popular spot for children, with 150 playground equipment connected to the theme of wind, water and flowers.


So start GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Awaji City Hyogo Prefecture


- The largest park in Kansai region

- Broad flowers garden&park (330ha)


- Awaji Highway Oasis

- Awaji roadside station

- Hyogo Prefectural Awaji lsland Park 




********** Kouen Fureai Park (10 WORDS)


To tell the truth, this place was the ruins of Amesement Park and war dead in Sengoku era. Though now turned into relaxed park.


The entire area is vast site of 68,000 square meters.


Acutually the park is divided into five zones, main square, Ikoi-no-Mori, Community Square, and historical hill and Adventure Square.


Off caurse you can enjoy nature like cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery and azaleas in summer, and autumn leaves in autumn.


A park with historical spots such as the 4th-century tombs, the old battelfield of Osaka Natsujin, and the monument to the poet Issa Kobayashi.


During walking, you can find  the monument of Goto Matabei,

the facility which displays insect, shellfish, fossil, toy. 


So give us your great GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Kashihara City Osaka Prefecture

◆Chinese Characters 玉手山


- Small hillside view of Kofun (Ancient grave)

- The ruins of ancient time amusement theme park

- Historical battle field place


- Donsurubo

- Masoleum of Emperor Ojin (Kofun)

- Domyouji Temple 




Hyogo Prefectural *****  Island Park (5 WORDS)


Kids could enjoy and feel happy for meeting Japan famous characters here.


Character monuments are everywhere in the Park.


Also there're a variety of playground equipment such as a long 70m slide, white soft trampolin for exhilarating jump, athletic rope tube to climb around.


Yet the most noticeable thing is the Crayon Shin-Chan's Nijigen-no-Mori (Wooden Athletic Feild).


Once you step in, you have to challenge exciting athletic course like becoming Japan Ninja. There's no worry as we can use lifeline support rope for playing here safely.


And adults can also stroll and see around the forests and colorful flowers.


Or it'd be good to take a photogenic Shin-Chan's pictures here. Anyway let's try GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Awaji City Hyogo Prefecture

◆Chinese Characters 淡路


- Athletic feild activity like Ninja in high place

- Various monument Japan's famous animation

- Large playfeild for kids


- Akashi kaikyo Natoinal Government Park

- Awaji Highway Oasis

- Awaji roadside station 



*** Animal Park (3 WORDS)


Heart-warming "Omotenashi" here. Beacuase admission fee is free even an animal park. 


Plus parking space is too free.

The breeding area is vast and wide as situated in the small hill.


So you can take a walk with panoramatic veiw here.


Firstly let's enjoy having contact with cute animals and beautiful nature.


It is a city park where you can enjoy and play with animals as well as studying. The 8.2ha park is divided into an

"animal learning center","contact square" and "observation square", and breeds goats, sheep, ponies, cows, miniature pigs, rabbits and chickens. 


You can enjoy here.

befor you go, please do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Uda City Nara Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 宇陀


- Admission fee is free

- Feeding experience

- Park for kids


- Heisei Haibara Children's Park

- Soni Kogen (曽爾高原)

- Muroufushiginomori Park