Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.





***** Museum of History (5 WORDS)


When Osaka was called Naniwa, the captial was moved from Asuka to this site by Dahua reform (646). For 150 years, the capital and sub-captial of Japan were setting up.


The remains of Namba-Miya were discovered during an excavation study from 1954.  (it was said to be a phantom city until then.)


In fact the remains can be seen under the Museum of History.


One step into the museum, another world of full size objects are displaying.  It's like you've slipped in ancient time. 


Except for some materials, the permanent exhibition is basically

OK for shooting inside the building.


so you can take a picture that

is perfect for creating memories. Of course, the contents of the exhibition will be worthy to see if you like history. 


So take a start of GUESS WHAT now.



◆Place      Osaka City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 大阪


- Panoramatic Osaka castle veiw during seeing

- Feeling replica of heian age

- Travle from ancient to modern times


- NHK 

- Osaka Castle

- Osaka Nuba street




******** Park (8 WORDS)


The green dragon in the lake. Wonderous? 


This related to the old story (Taketori story) of pricess Kaguya. 


So, this place is beileved to be the living place for  Kaguya.


The Park has a complex playground equipment such as "Learning Forest", a open lawn space where you can play balls or something.


And also enjoy sledging. watching ancient residential open space. 


Oh! The park's name is taken from Princess Kaguya Story.


She was born from a bamboo and returning to the moon finally.  


It is said that Koryo Town in Nara Pref. was a model of the Taketori Story.


The park is vast field. so you can take a walk and stroll along.


Access is great from Osaka City to get across mountains by car or Kintetsu train.



◆Place      Kita Katsuragi-Gun Nara Prefecture

◆Chinese Characters 竹取


- Ancient dwelling house

- Turf sliding

- Studying playground field


- Donzurubo mountain

- Horyuji Temple

- Nijyozan mountain





****** Konohana Kan (6 WORDS)


The right picture's conservatory was founded by Osaka Municipal Government as a pavilion of the International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan 1990, held from April 1 to September 30, 1990.


This is one of the largest conservatories in Japan, and one of the few botanical garden in the world that artificially keep the climatic and geographical conditions of the regions where the plants grow.


Plants that are the main attractions of the conservatory, such as blue poppies and tropical water lilies, are made to bloom all year round.


There are about 15,000 plants of 2,600 species and garden origins on display.


This offer direct and hands-on opportunities for visitors to study the unique nature of precious planet deeply, while inviting them on a fascinating journey to loving the flowers of the world.


Anyway let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Tsurumi-Ku Osaka City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 咲くや


- Humid tropical plant house

- Wild plants from all the world

- One of the largest conservatories in Japan 


- Aeon Mall Tsurumiryokuchi

- Fukakitaryokuchi Park

- Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi 






What a beautiful bridge scenery behind the burning sunset!!!


Yes. this bridge is No. 1 in the world. In very near place, large shopping mall situates.


There is also a Kobe shoe maker shop in stores here.


When you enter the site of the outlet park, the olives sway in the wind, and the buildings with white walls are spotted on the large site, giving an exotic European atmosphere.


This outlet park has a store that collects the world's brands. 

(Takechi-kikuo, Aqua Girl, Index, Untitle etc..) 


so it's cool to choose from many brands in just one place.





◆Place   Suma-Ku Kobe City Hyogo Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 神戸


- Seaside view

- Shopping mall with various KOBE brand items

- Playing fiedl of boat on the street 


- Akashi-Kikyo Bridge

- Sumaura Sanjo Park

- Awajishima island





Japan **** (4 words)


Do you wanna become the trivia king of various coins? Good place is here in Osaka Japan.


The Museum was built as a thermal power plant in 1911,

The only Meiji era brick-western-style building to remain inside the Mint.  In 1969, The building was well preserved and the precious money stored by the authorities was opened to the public.


The appearance at the time was remodeled to introduce the mint business. finally Museum was opened.  


Aiming to become a "human-friendly museum, "an environmentally-friendly" museum, and "a fascinating museum" from 2008.


They have introduced the latest methods for exhibitions and facilities, and have undergone major renovations to make it more familiar to everyone.  It was reopened in April 2009.


They are producing various money from 1 yen coins to 500 yen coins.

Considering money making place, there are three locations in Japan like Saitama, Hroshima, making national honors, various medals, when the Olympic Games were held in Japan. 


Anyway let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place    Kita-Ku Osaka City Osaka Pref.


- Brick-type thermal power plant before museum

- Exihibition started from 1969

- Other coin display rather than Japan coin


- Osaka City Central Public Hall

- The longest Tenjinsujibashi Shopping Street

- Kitanotenman-Gu Temple