Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.




******* Island (4 WORDS)


You want to forget daily busy urban life style?

Relaxation place is here.  Actually the island is the part of Hyōgo Prefecture and the part of the Awaji main island in Hyōgo.


In Edo period, It is belived 4,000 people lived in this island but currently poplulation has very shrunk.


Although almost unknown place for tourists, mysterious legend is sleeping at this wonder land. The one of temple of pictures is believed to be the symble of creating the Japan.


The woman god name is called "Izanami-no-mikoto"(伊邪那美命).

The man god name is called "Izanagi-no-mikoto"(伊弉諾尊).


The distance around is just 9.53km. so small island, you can easily walk along for comapact adventure by boat


Plus, visitors can touch kind heart of island's people. This whole island itself is emanating special aura just by visiting especially when you're proccessing your foot to the "Onokoro" Shrine.


You can also find a great beautiful beach which is not well known. 

So let's know deeply by GUESS WHAT.



◆Place  Awaji City Hyōgo Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 沼島


- Mysterious shrine emanating aura

- Hidden beautiful beach area 

- Old and antique back alley atomosphere 

- Relaxed time with small island's atomosphere


- Uzushio(渦潮) Roadside station

- Awaji Farm Park England Hill

- Onokorojima Shrine



********  (8 WORDS)


There are onsen (Hot Springs) around here in Izu area of Shizuoka Prefecture. and in summer, you can swim in the beautiful sea. Especially in the southen area of Izu sea is very clearly beautiful.


Anyway, the right picutures are old-renowned ryokan which was closed already. however you could enjoy this place as the onsen (Hot spring) and  tour in this very old-fashioned ryokan inside built in 1928.


The top open area of this building you can go up stairs is spreading with beautiful nostalgic Onsen town view.

(very Japanese-style and romantic night veiw) 


Accommodation service has already been closed on 1997

but you can enjoy Onsen (hot springs) in this facility.


Once you go outside, you feel cool sea breeze and stroll along retro and refined old street and alley.


This building is like a Japanese retro Ryokan(旅館) museum which displayed many unique artifacts and women lined up in dark twilight scenery.


Just by looking, a little scared to walk. 

yet tastefull atomosphere you can find in this remined ryokan.Let's serch words of "GUESS WHAT".


◆Place  Izu City Shizuoka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 東海館


- Old and antique Japanese style inn (No accommodation)

- Deserved to stroll along for beautiful view

- Many artifacts


- Nagisa Park

- Ito Marine town

- Ito Onsen


******  Island (6 WORDS)


Can you find this beautiful island port and stone canon and small boats? 

The island is near to Kobe prefecture.


And flourishing for fishing business. To get there, you have to get on a boat. Yet just 20-30min.And the island constitutes of 44 islands.


 If you visit, you also can notice cute cats straying peacefullyin the street.


Splendid and ledendary shrines have amazing aura for welcoming people.


A shrine is situated in a little tall hill to accend ancient stone

steps.  Please take care of an animal like a wild boar.


Island's people is kind to welcome for tourists too.


They live for helping each other. Maybe their relationship is very strong among islanders. 


In main island area, you can find several shops to buy special products such as delicious fish.


Many kinds of fish are swimming in the very near sea. 


If you pre-booking, you can eat special fish food. For digging charm deeper, please GUESS WHAT. 



◆Place  Himeji City Hyōgo Pref

◆Chinese Characters 家島


- A school of fish near to the sea

- Feel relaxed Japan daily island's life 

- Shrine with originality emanating aura


Hyōgo Prefectural Ako Seaside Park

- Kakuijima Island

- Maruyama Sun beach



********** Temple (10 WORDS)


Osaka has kind of like large Buddhist temple. And belived to be the first Buddhist and the oldest temple in Japan.


The shitennoji are believed to be four heavenly kings. The temple Prince Shōtoku built to honor them had four institutions. You can feel the greatness to adore this splendid pagoda.


Temple itself is very famous for Osaka. the one of seven temple which built by prince Shōtoku. The site is also near to the Tennōji to watch tall skyscrapers of Harukas which is 300m height. Anyway start GUESS WHAT.


◆Place  Tennōji-Ku Osaka City Oasaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 四天王寺


- Feel lively free market

- Beautiful five-storied tower

- The one of the 7 temples built by Prince Shōtoku (founded 593)


- Abeno Harukasu 300 Observatory

- Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

- Tennōuji zoo



Kyoto ******* Museum (7 WORDS)


Like "Train stock". You can learn, feel, enjoy from old trains to new trains.

In fact, let's get inside a train to learn train structure. 


You could also check Japanese-style steam locomotive. And beautiful diorama which actually run by miniature trains.


This musueum is very large to watch all but don't miss.

So guess what now.



◆Place  Kyoto City Kyoto Pref.


- Old and antique trains

- See miniature trains running

- Train-related display items are enormous 



- Kyoto Aquarium

- The tower of Kyoto

- Kyoto International Manga Museum