Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.





** Peace Tower (2 WORDS)


What a unusual monument is!!!.

This exists in the south of Osaka.


You can observe from far side of Osaka about this object.


Every year on August 01, 120,000 fireworks are launched here.


Past I visited place to see fireworks in front of my eyes.


And impressiveness of fire works was very superve.


This site is not sightseeing purpose built.

It is OK with having heart to pray for the dead of a war.


And entering limitation is just 1&2 floor only.


If you could enter the tower from the entrance, there is a strict atmosphere like a religious institution. 


There are some strange objects, and it's a mysterious space.


This tower is in the southside of Osaka.


If you have interest, how about going other deep spots like Kansai Cycle Amusement theme Park etc..  


Anyway let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Tondabayashi City Osaka Prefecture


- Large-scale fireworks festival on 1-Aug every year

- Unique tower monument (180m) praying for world peace

-  1, 2 Floor only vist ok


- World ranch

- Kansai Cycle Sports Center

- The hills of Sakai and Green Museum Harvest




******* Village (8 WORDS)


The village is called "Forest of village". Forest is "Yoshino cedar".

A cedar is famous in Japan mainly used for an onsen and a house.


Village itself is encircled by forest 97%. And location is Nara's center. so also called "Nara's navel". Small houses scattered along small rivers and on the slopes.


The north is Yoshinoyama, a cherry blossom spot in the north. 


The south is bordered by the foot of the Omine Mountains, Tenkawa-mura, valley-type mountain village with an average altitude of 490m, east-west 12km, north-south 10km, and area of 47.70km2.


You can also enjoy clear and beautiful flowing river.


And I recommend Monogatari-mura complex accommodation site.


Anyway you can GUESS WHAT now.



◆Place      Yoshino-Gun Nara Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 黒滝 


- Roadside station Yosinoji-Kurotaki

- Amago Aquaculture

- Yoshino cedar


- Kawawake Shrine

- Hokakuji Temple

- Dorogawa Hot Spring




******* World (7 WORDS)


Do you want to meet with cute panda?

or ride thrilling amusement ride? or crusing riding on safari vehicle?


 The place dream can come true is here.


Mainly in summer season, night dolphin show and safari park ride adventure is going on.


Maybe you could be drummed up by beaty.


Anyway, location is in Nanki-Shirahama, Wakayama Pref.


Theme park slogan is under "Kokoro ni Smile Future Creation Park" where you can enjoy various animals on land, sea and sky, including pandas and dolphins, and nature. (Opened in 1978).


Giant pandas are very famous for breeding, and you can watch pandas spending time outdoors. 



◆Place      Shirahama-Cho Nishimuro-Gun Wakayama Pref.


- Cute restaurant food with Panda characters

- Interaction with cute animals with near proximity 

- Night safari park tour in summer 


- Shirahama Beach

- Shirahama Energy Land

- Senjojiki 




******* Temple (7 WORDS)


What is this circle shaped window?

What is the right square shaped window?

Both windows was installed for enlighting something.

The circle shaped window that symbolizes followings


"生老病死"(inevitables in life like birth, aging, sickness, death)

"愛別離苦"(The anquish of parting from loved ones)

"怨憎会苦"(The pain of meeting people one dislikes)

"求不得苦"(The pain of not getting what one seeks)


The square shaped window that symbolizes (Zen) spirit, 円通(Enzu).


These teach us the natural pureness and being let it be. 


The main hall was established by 中田静家 (Nakata-shizuike) with including of follwoing thought.


There is a nice garden with dry moss and flowing white sand.


The garden over the sliding doors feels wabi-sabi. So let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place    Kita-Ku Kyoto City Kyoto Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 源光庵


- Window of enlightment and lost

- Beautiful Japanese garden scenary 

- Founded in 1346


- Kinkaku-ji Temple

- Saga Arashiyama

- Shimogamo Shrine






I visited this Hotel. and firstly felt this was not Japan.

Like overseas fashionable hotel, but filled with many seaside atmosphere to adoring dynamic ocean view in front of you.


This is recently renovated the large resort ryokan with ample space to relax while watching the changing country of Kino, the sea and the mountains. And you can bathe broad hotel Onsen to go outside for outside bath with watching sea. 


Plus, there are many fun facilities such as a restaurant open until midnight, a shopping plaza and a kids room.  let's enjoy the classic onsen ryokan and table tennis.


Famous beach called "Shirarahama beach" is very near for going down hillside. Sea water level is emerald green. Finally you could have great access to other facilities like Adventure world, Shirahama energy land etc. Anyway for enjoing, let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Shirahama-Cho Nishimuro-Gun Wakayama Pref.


- Underwater observatory

- Large ocean view everywhere 

- Pool site in summer


- Adventure world

- Shirahama Energy Land

- Shirahama Beach