Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.





********* Castle (9 WORDS)


He is situated with dignified looks behind very scenic hight mountain veiw. Yes, this place is Nagano Pref.

Nagano's elevation is high and having alps and encircled by forests and original nature.


In this good environment, not burned down castle is standing.


Historical speaking,  This castle has become a National Treasure as the oldest extant five structure and six story castle in Japan.


Matsumoto Castle was built in 1504

(the first year of Eisai)


Castle actually function after 350 years in 1871 (Meiji 4)


In the meantime, many people have become castle owners.


Constrac between black and white against the shining Japanese Alps makes this castle very good scenery.


So let's try GUESS WHAT. 



◆Place      Matsumoto City Nagano Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 松本


- Alps of high mountain range scenary

- Cool retreat for summer season  

- Retro castel downtown street


- Matsumoto City Art Museum

- Yoshihara Shrine 

- Matsumoto City Alps Park




Osaka ****** Museum (6 WORDS)


You want wear and dressed up "Kimono" or "Yukata"?

If have interst, here is the best place.

Plus this emulating Japan Edo period townscape.

So, you could feel to do timeslip in the past.


The Museum” opened in April 2001 and thought as the first specialized museum in Japan with the theme of "History and Culture of Home". You can learn the culture of Osaka's life style.


The typical streets of Osaka in the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras are replicated and displayed with audio and video on the 8th floor.


The cityscape of Osaka in the first year of Tempo (early 1830s) is simulated in full size. The boulevard lined with booth shops.


The “Naniwa Machiya's Yearbook”  of the House Information Center building is a floor from the Edo period on the 9th floor. 


Furthermore, the effects of sound and light change the day time, weather.  


◆Place      Osaka City Osaka Pref.


- Feeling real Edo life with changing effects of light

- Study deeply Osaka history

- Photogenic museum set 


- The longest Tenjinbashisuji Shopping street

- Kitano Tenman-gu Temple

- Umeda urban arean




Smart ball *** **** (7 WORDS)


The right picture machine is difficult to find in Japan now. In the age of 1950's, this pin ball game was popular.


When I was young, sometimes visited to get the prize like snacks or stuffed animals.  And this machine's real fun taste is the moment that ball itself can be falling to the haul or not.


If you successfully get a ball in red or green or yellow haul, you can get additional 15 balls to play. A little small thrilling and happiness is fun thing to do this game.


Actually under 18 person can not be allowed in entering due to prize matter.


You could feel retro showa atmosphere to visit here. And you could feel nostalgic as if you had a time slip in the Showa ear.


Game price is just 100 yen with 15 balls. So you should try to roll a ball. Ooops, sorry challenge GUESS WHAT first.


◆Place      Tennouji-Ku Osaka City Osaka Pref.


- Retro style pachinko game

- Exchangin prize if you could get many balls

- Osaka atmosphere retro street in Shinsekai are.



- Tsutenkaku tower

- Tennouji Zoo

- Nipponbashi Denden Town




******* en  (7 WORDS)


This garden is a traveling garden in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Pref.

that is designated as a national scenic spot. The highest rating of 3 stars in the Michelin tourist guide.


It was in 1583 that the first Toshiie Maeda entered the castle as the Kaga clan.


Since then, the Kaga clan has prospered in Kanazawa as a feudal clan for the 14th generation of the Maeda clan until the Meiji abolition. The history of Kenrokuen begins with knowing 400 years of history, with the Kaga feudal lord Maeda Toshiie as the first feudal lord who has prospered the town of Kanazawa as a caslte town of Kagawa Hyakumangoku.


With an area of about 11.7 hectares, it is one of the three largest gardens in Japan alongside Korakuen in Okayama and Kairakuen in Mito.



◆Place      Kanazawa City Ishikawa Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 兼六


- Area 11.7 ha

- Observation area to watch Noto Peninsula and Sea of Japan

- Traditional tea house


- 近江町市場(Omicho-Ichib)

- Kanazawa Noh Museum

- Ishikawa Prefectual Museum of Art 




The National Museum of  *********



Facility abbreviation is "Minpaku".


Firstly when I visted, amazed by countless unique objects.


And even just one place, I felt like travelling world-wide.


Category to watch is being devided in world area.


This means taking time to watch all. yet very deserved thing to study.


The watching starts from Oceania and travels eastward around the world.


And plus the site is the the world's largest ethnographic museum on the theme of cultural anthropology and ethnology in Expo'70 Commemorative Park in Osaka.(Opened in1977)


A collection of about 345,000 items such as household items and folk costumes collected by researchers around the world.


and there are approximately 770 video programs that introduce the world's rituals, performing arts, and lifestyles.


So, now you can do GUESS WHAT now.



◆Place      Suita City Osaka Pref.


- World-wide collection

- Feeling like world trip  

- In EXPO premises


- Panasonic Suita Stadium

- Shinkansen Park

- Hirakata Amusement Park