Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.





******* (7 WORDS)


Sometimes you can shop, sometimes you can stroll along urban style garden.


Tasting kind of like this combination, we could enjoy the south urban Osaka area.


From this shopping mall, you could access to Nanba Yasaka Shrine, Nipponbashi Denden Town, Nankai railways, and major subway.

Very convenient. 


This Park's lifestyle concept  combines elements like “clothing, eating, living”, “beauty”, “knowledge” and “healing”.


Let's enjou this site with various style such as a trend, an individual, or a self-paced. 


Especially in winter season, illumination decoratoin appears.


The right picture was decoration where I vistit this site.


Anyway you can GUESS WHAT and taste this cool and fashonable place.



◆Place      Osaka City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 難波 


- Forest in urban area

- Good access from station

- Illumination in winter season


- Dontonbori

- Osaka Nipponbashi Denden town

- Nanba Yasaka Shrine




******* Shrine (6 WORDS)


This shrine" in Sakurai City, Nara Pref. is the oldest shrine in Japan. 


Mentioning of the shrine, there is a worship hall where worshipers join hands. However, this Shrine does not have a main shrine.

The mountain of "Miwa" itself is the god of this shrine.


As you proccessing your foot, you could notice stone prividing god's fresh water for drinking. If you have a cup, you could bring back to your home with pure water. In these days, it is known as a mystical energy spot with a number of benefits, worshipers of the great lord.  


This shrine is to be believed  "the oldest shrine" in Japan.


The great god of "大物主神"(Ōmononushi-no-Kami)


And pray for marriage, sickness healing, thriving business at a historic shrine. Famous food of thin wheat noodles (Somen) here.


You can also taste and  enjoy chewy noodles.



◆Place      Sakurai City Nara Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 大神


- No main shrine but in MIWA mountain itself

- Miwa somen

- Mystical energy


- Hase-dera Temple

- Fujiwara palace Ruins

- Uda Animal Park




**** City (4 WORDS)


The right monument is called "GUNDAM". Started as Japan's animation from 1979. Firstly you will be amazed by this monument size. Also there's GUNDAM shop here. City is a large complex with large shopping mall and entertainment facilities. 


There are many things to watch in a day. 


The name of city derived from Osaka Banpaku EXPO '70 held in 1970.  Under the theme of “Progress and Harmony for Mankind,”

the first Japanese exposition in Asia was a big celebration that excites the whole world about 50 years ago. 


You could also enjoy large EXPO '70 great remains other than this. let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Suita City Osaka Pref.


- NEFREL (Entertainment themed for creatures)

- Large complex shopping mall

- No.1 ferris wheel height 123 m


- Kokuritsu Mizokugaku Museum

- Genki-onsen Banpaku OYUBA

- Panasonic Stadium Suita 




Kashihara ******  Museum (6 WORDS)


The facility in Nara of Kansai area where you can experience "creature". I directly don't mention "GUESS WHAT" words. Because The word of "Creature" links to "GUESS WHAT" words.

Anyway, it is a unique museum in Kashihara city, Nara pref.

Diorama of the natural environment where creature lives,

including more than 5,000 creature and fossil specimens.


In the butterfly greenhouse area where subtropical plants

such as palms and hibiscus bloom can be watched.

You can see the butterflies flying in the air beautifully.

There is also a panel display on the other area which explains the ecology yet it shows with Japanese language only.


You could enjoy from the panel display and breeding exhibition.

If you enjoy this facility, about Kashihara, there're many attractive spots like Kashihara Shrine and Kashihara Science Museum, study 'Nara' Konfun.



◆Place       Kashihara City Nara Pref.


- Butterfly in green garden

- Various taxidermy 

- No Japanese commentary


- Kashihara Shrine

- Townscape of "Imai-cho"

- Kashihara City Sceience Museum




********** Park (10 WORDS)


Currently in this modern era,  a bullet train is major ones.


Though, the right picture bullet train was No. 1 world wide as a bullet train started from 1964.


This train already finished taking part. However if you visit this park in Settsu City, Osaka Pref, you can meet with him. 


I think this place is a kind of like rare spot for displaying this.


You could enter inside the train that is exhibited twice a day from 10 am to 12 PM, from 2 PM to 4 PM on the second and fourth Sundays of every month.


About access, this is a little difficult. I takes time 20min by foot from Minami-Settsu station of Osaka monorail.


I think we should use app like google map or navigation ones for reaching this park. Anyway now you can start GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Settu City Osaka Pref.


- 0 Series Shinkansen (1969)

- Electric locomotive (1954)

- Cherry blossoms street in spring


- EXPO 70's commemorative park

- Hirakata Amusement Park

- Myooin (Narita Fudoson)