Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.






***** 21  (5 WORDS)


This place is Hanazono Central Park where you can enjoy athletic and art centers.


This 花園"Hanazono"acutually is famous for Highschool rugby which will be held about Japan national convention match of rugby.


Anyway, nearby this sacred rugby place, there's playing activity area  like enjoying cultural facility for children especially for rainy time.


you can have fun and learn about sports, science and space etc..


At "Noby Nobi Hiroba",  you can also experience unicycles and tarzan ropes and experience the power of science at "Exploration Plaza".


Additionally you can learn about the birth of the earth, fossils, human mystery such as the human body while playing.



◆Place      Hanazono City Osaka Pref.


- In-house playground for rainy days

- Near to large kids outside park  

- Science museum and Planetarium


- Hanazono Rugby Stadium

- Hiraoka Shrine

- Ishikiri Shrine




Yokohama ***** World (5 WORDS)


Feeling like combination among night illumination, sea view, amusement objects and high-rise unique urban buildings..


This is the "Photogenic area". 


This amusement park is located inYokohama Landmark Tower, cup noodle museum, Red Brick warehouse etc..


This place maybe seems like Kobe panorama in Kansai region due to both port towns.


If you ride the ferris wheel called "Cosmo Clock 21", you would be amazed by Yokohama's night veiw with 15min.

Anyway you can do GUESS WHAT.


◆Place      Yokohama Kanagawa Pref.


- Amusement Park Admission is free

- Night beautiful illumination with reflecting sea port veiw

- Great access from station due to urban area


- Yokohama China town

- Harbor view Park

- Yokohama Red Brick warehouse 




**** '70 Commemorative Park

  (4 WORDS)


How large this site is!


Because the place was remains of wolrd big event in 1970.


Many facility here including Museum and Parks for enjoying

But just walking and strolling the forest is great too.


Approximately 474,000 trees are planted on a total area of 985,000 square meters.


The tea plantation "Chami-no-Sato" that brings the rural landscape of satoyama in spring and "Cosmos blooming in autumn.


Walking including small hills, a natural

forest where you can observe insects

and plants, a learning facility such as the Nature Observation Learning Center, and modern art forest.


This site is always filled with many attracitive events and many facilities.


so you can enjoy all day.


Let's start GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Suita City Osaka Pref.


- Old Japanese Garden

- Great autumn leaves view in park

- Observatory


- Expo City

- Shinkansen Park

- Hirakata Amusement Park 




Nihon-no **** Park (4 words)


There are many cute small mountains as if we're in the cute fairly tale world in Nishiwaki of Hyogo.


Yet, there is the place you can taste the nature with playing field.


Especially in the June season, you can see many beautiful firefly in 畑谷川 (Hatani river).


Anyway this is a park that connects art and science of the Japanese archipelago where 135 degree east longitude and 35 degree north latitude intersect.


There are facilities like "the Earth and Space Theme Science Museum" (called Terradome) and "the Okanoyama Museum of Art", that exhibits and preserves the work of "Tadanori Yokoo".


"Terradome" have the planetarium and the observatory with 81cm size No.1 Japan reflecting telescope. 


So, let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Nishiwaki City Hyogo Pref.


- Point crosses 135 degrees east longitude 35 degrees north latitude

- Many attractions for play

- Beautiful mountain scenary


- Roadside station Kita-harima Eco Museum 


GUESS WHAT ******* Park (7 words)


This park can balancing between great nature and activity.


If after you play with the park or walking or enjoy view, you process your foot to the mountainside. you instantly go to hiking. Park and mountain is very near. Located in the Higashi-Osaka City

at the foot of Mt. Ikoma.


A park where cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in spring.

And fresh greenery in early summer too.

Plus autumn leaves in autumn time. 


Hikers can enjoy through the four seasons and the nature. 


Mountainside veiw is great with harmonizing with retro old town.


“Forest Box in the Forest”, which has playground equipment such as roller slides and compound playground equipment, is also popular. 


There are also many athletic facilities, making it perfect for family cherry blossom viewing.


Now let's try GUESS WHAT.



◆Place    Higashi Osaka City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 枚岡 


- Forest Park in hillside near to Ikoma mountain

- Area 43.8ha

- Osaka City beautiful view


- Ikomasanjo Amusement Park

- Hozanji Temple

- Kuragari tōge