Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.






******* Shrine (7 WORDS)


Let's taste precious retro street toward this shrine with a little slope.

And you will be suprised by many souvenir shops and unique fortune-telling shops.


The beginning of this Shrine is ambiguous.  Reason why is that the shrine and treasure house were burned down at the end of the Ashikaga period.  It seems this was founded in the second year of Emperor Jinmu nearly 2,700 years ago.


It is a shrine where many people come to pray for cancer as a god

of the swelling. 


The right picture of Butsuzo is including GUESS WHAT keywords.

(He stands in the middle of the retro street toward the shrine.)


Let's do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place    Higashi Osaka City Osaka Pref.


- Pray for healing swelling

- Baidu worship

- Retro Ishikiri shopping street directly connected to Shrine



- Ikomasanjo Amusement Park

- Hanazono Gugby Stadium

- Hiraoka Shrine 




***** Castle (5 WORDS)


This castle has burnded down many times due to a war and fire etc..


However, in 2006 selected as Japan's TOP 100 castles.


Yet, once you step inside, you could feel high technology installed Museum with the elevator which was rebuilt by citizen donation from the passion to keep this castle as citizen symble in 1931.


The Castle is a contoured flat castle in which the "Honmaru" is surrounded by "Ninomaru" and "Sannomaru", but the biggest feature is its huge castle. 


Other buildings have been designated as Important Cultural Properties.


"Honmaru" and "Ninomaru" have been designated as special historic sites by the country.

The current castle tower is on the 8th floor and shows a height of 54.8 meters. 


This castle is too famous. so usually croweded with so many people.

Though, I think this deserves to visit.


Now let's try do major spot GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Chuō-Ku Osaka City Osaka Pref.


- Huge castle tower 54.8m (Height) 

- first foundation in 1,599 (Burned down many times)

- Night illumination around Castle


- Osaka Prefectural Forest

- Hiraoka Shrine

- Ikomasanjo Amusement Park




*******  Museum of History (7 WORDS)


There are many historical ruins in Nara. And excavated items are here.


You can actually touch ancient ruins such as an old vase here.

(Hands-on corner only)


They introduce the history of Kashihara from the Jomon era to the Edo era.


you can see the archeological excavations of "real object" in front of you.


Plus let's enjoy ancient quizz with person kind guide.


Nearby recommended places are "Tumulus Wonderland", "Niizawa Chizuka Tumulus Park".


So let's start do GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Chuō-Ku Osaka City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 橿原 


- Going back to Asuka era of Japan

- Replica of Naniwanomiya Palace in Nara era

- Replica of exavation site



- Osaka Castle

- Dontonbori

- NHK Osaka 




********* (9 WORDS)


What is this small hillside mountain white rock?


About 15 million to 20 million years ago,

due to volcanic activity, volcanic bomb fell on the lake at the foot of the mountain. 


and raised by crustal deformation finally eroded by natural effects such as rain and wind. as a result the current topography shaped.


Rocky mountains is not actually high. so you can instantly do access.


However there's are many dangerous point to walk and climb on the rocky moutainside. please be carefull of your action. 


This stratum is a white tuff (gyokaigan) called the Nijou Group (Donsurbaut Formation). 


The site was designated as a natural monument in 1951

as a valuable geological entity.


Anyway give us your GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Kashiba City Nara Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 屯鶴峯


- Mountain of volcanic debris

- Thrilling athletic mountain side activity 

- Remained air-defence cave during war


- Nijiozan mountain

- Anichi-ji Temple

- Sekko-ji Temple 




******* (7 WORDS)


This restaurant name Japanese called

"甘栄堂" (Kaneido)


And this time let's do GUESS WHAT of this food.


The Kotorihana-ku, Osaka, and the Chidori-bashi area, which is about a 20-minute walk from JR Nishikujo Station, has a vibrant shopping district, and a short distance away from it is a residential area with large apartments lined up between old private houses. 


It has a rooted, very popular atmosphere.


It's a very calm area for me who likes to hang out in residential areas,


So now let's try GUESS WHAT. 


◆Place      Konohana-Ku Osaka City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters 甘栄堂


- 100 yen (15 balls) cheap price (No.1 in Japan)

- Shop is located on the downtown area

- Kind stuff 


- Universal Studio Japan

- Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

- Maishima Sludge Center Osaka