Guess your Japan travel destination with best hint.






******** tōge (8 WORDS)


I don't know make you understand how narrow the right picture mountainside path (National Route 308) is but I actually went there.


And I felt this road was hard to pass by one another with an oncoming car.


Plus, the road is famous for 酷道 (Kanji).


*English meaning is "the road in very poor condition".


However, there's the enticing point to challenge like climbing a mountain.


So, luring many cyclist and motorcyclist touring now.


Fortunately, if you get to the tea house on the top of mountainside path, You could feel relax to eat or drink delicious Japanese food with kind villagers.


Lastly if you have interest to get there, I heard it'd be recommended going from Ikoma City Nara side due to places including narrow paths and steep slopes and shape curves are in Osaka mountainside.


My car could successfully pass through.

Yet I think driving skill would be needed. 



◆Place      Monuntain pass

(Higashi-Osaka City Osaka pref. - Ikoma City Nara pref.)

◆Chinese Characters     暗峠


- Very narrow path and steep slope (37% No.1 in Japan)

- Old fashioned tea house on the stone paved road

- Selected TOP 100 road in Japan

- Beautiful view on the Osaka-direction path 


- Ikomasanjo Amusement Park

- Hozanji Temple

- Shigiikoma Skyline




******** Temple (8 WORDS)


There's the temple in the mountainside of Ikoma city.


This means you should go up the many stone steps for worship.


However, the more you go up, the more you could feel greatness of aura in this ancient temple.


The temple itself is located on the middle of Mt. Ikoma.  


Ritsushi Zankai in 1678 opened. The Shingon Ritsu sect known as "Ikoma Seiten" for its business prosperity. 


The immovable statue of King Fudo Myo is the main statue.


It has prospered since ancient times as a temple of worship for many people who seek the benefits of this life.


When I climbed up to the topside of this temple, I just could feel accomplishment.


In the meantime, A various types of Jizo (Stone statue) are being lined in a row in both side of mountain path.



◆Place      Ikoma City Nara Pref.

◆Chinese Characters      宝山寺


- A variety of temples (large to small)

- Extraordinary nostalgic atomosphere

- Photogenic Ikoma city view from tip of a temple  

- One of the three Seiten in Japan (God of prosperous business)


- Kintetsu Ikoma cable train

- Ikomasanjo Amusement Park

- Shigiikoma Skyline(Charged driveway) 




Tomb of Emperor ******* (7 WORDS)


What is this right picture of keyhole-shaped large object?


Yes this is the ancient grave of old Japan Great Emperor in the Sakai

City of Osaka. Plus scale is No.1 in Japan alongside the Egyptian pyramid and the Chinese Emperor Tomb.


In fact, I was born in Osaka. and I could have confidence tointroduce this object. 

And other than this, many larger-size Kofun (Tomb of Emperor) are in Osaka area.


Others are like "the Mozu and Furuichi tombs", "the Nintoku Emperor's Tomb".  However, the exact burial is actually a mysterious tumulus that  is not yet clear.

If you could visit, you can just approach to the gateway of this Kofun. (No enter in the premise) 



◆Place      Sakai City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters      仁徳


- Registered World Heritage Site

- 486m in length

- The Japan largest size


- Daisen Park

- Observation loby of Sakai Cityhall

- Sakai Risho No Mori 




***** Yasaka Shine (5 WORDS)


Like been swallowed by the monster. Yet this is just a shrine

in the middle of Osaka urban street.


This object is called "Shishi-den" Lion head stage.


It's believed to be "he can swallow up evil spirit for saving us.


(12m high, 7m wide and 7m deep)

 And object was bulit in 1974.


Historically,  It seems that there is no detailed information

about the establishment of "Namba Yasaka Shrine",

but at least it can be traced back to the Heian period.  


This has been called Namba Shimomiya and worshiped as

a native god of Namba. 


In 2001, it was designated as Osaka's first intangible

folk cultural property.



◆Place      Osaka City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters      難波


- large impact with lion head

- Urban location of Osaka

- Pray for luck of "win" in a game


- Nanba Parks

- Tsutenkaku Tower

- SPA WORLD onsen from around the world 




****** 's thatched village (6 WORDS)


We sought to go for Japanese nostalgic scene in the winter season.

And right picture is very fit for our needs. Right after arriving this place, firstly we were amazed by this winter only season spectacular scenary.


In everyplace, we could took pictures to cut this photogenic site out. Furthermore, strolling around the village is exicing.

(Just walking itself is enjoyable.)


And this tourist destination is very very major for a tourist.

It is highly evaluated for its preservation of historical landscapes

of thatched houses.


Historically, in 1993, the village was selected as an important preservation area for traditional aspect in the country. In all the year, you can encounter the original scenery of Japan.


Located in the northern part of Nantan city of Kyoto.


This site is a quiet village surrounded by beautiful mountains. 


So now you can GUESS WHAT.



◆Place      Nantan City Kyoto Pref.

◆Chinese Characters      美山


- Various thached roof villages

- Coutryside peaceful atmosphere for relaxing

- Photogenic everywhare in seasons


- Kyoto Rurikei Onsen

- Road station spring Hiyoshi

- Kyoto Prefectural Rurikei Natural Park