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******* (6WORDS)


Do you know there's a village having very clear and beautiful emarald green river like right one?


Village name is 天川村 (Tenkawa-mura village) situated in the mountain range with elavation 441-820m.

(Famous for summer retreat.)


Plus pictures are camp site ones.


Bungalows are made of Yoshino cedar.

and it has a Japanese culture corner area called “Engawa”,


You can rediscover nature that is often overlooked in urban life.


Let's feel the change of seasons, weather, time.


Tenkawa village Onsen town is near from this camp site.


This has hot springs, famous waters, fishing in the river.


So, now let's do GUESS WHAT. 



◆Place      Tenkawa village Nara Pref.

◆Chinese Characters      栃尾


- Emerald green river water

(100 TOP Selection in Japan)

- Fishing for sweet fish

- Villages in mountain ranges


- Dorogawa Onsen town

- Tanize Suspension bridge

- Mitarai Valley 


- Super Onsen (Shofuku-no-yu)

- Osaka South Bay ATC

- Universal Studios Japan

- IKEA South Bay





****** Park (6 WORDS)


"Kofun" (large ancient grave) is next to this park.


Historically, in the age of 1947, Mozu Tomb group aimed to register "Kofun object"as wolrd cultural heritage site.


And this park also was built as a city plan for reconstruction from the war. 


At that time, this suburb of the old city was turned into an urban city.


In 1963, park has started to bulid commemorative tree planting,

construction of the central library, museum, tea room, urban greening botanical garden.


And also small sized "Kofun" (Tomb)

is dotted in this park.


The park has become a comprehensive one as the symbol

of Sakai City. And this place was being selected as Japan's  historical park in Japan.


Thinking of Sakai area, there're many parks to enjoy.


So, do GUESS WHAT now.



◆Place      Sakai City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters      大仙


- Japanese Garden

- Sakai City Exibition hall 

- Tower monument for peace


- Tomb of Emperor of Nintoku

- Observation loby of Sakai City hall

- Sakai Risho No Mori

- SHamadera Park 





******* Shrine (7 WORDS)


Historically speaking, 


The right picture of Shrine was founded before Christ and was named by  the first Japanese emperor in the old readings of Kojiki and Nihonshoki.


It is said to have been built three years before Emperor Jinmu's throne (663 BC).


In the later age, famous "Kasuga Taisha" in Nara has founded.


The spirit of these two gods was transferred from this Shrine to Kasuga Taisha in Nara.


In the main shrine hall, you can find follwoing buildings lined with.


The first hall is Ameno-Koyane.



The second is Hime-Mikami. (比売御神)

The third is Futunushi-no-Mikoto.



The fourth is Takemikazuchi-no-Mikoto.(武甕槌命)


The area is selected as "100 selections of fragrance scenery".


So start with GUESS WHAT.



◆Place     Higashi Osaka City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters      枚岡


- Very old shrine more than 2,680 years after building

- Origin of Kasuga Taisha in Nara

- Filling with historical, sacred aura


- Ishikiri Shrine

- Hanazono Gugby Stadium

- Kuragari tōge





*******-ji Temple (6 WORDS)


If step inside, you could feel to be gotting into Japan's Fairly tale wolrd due to many cute objects.


And you can do "Shikoku 88 pilgrimages" here for simplifing process.


Even a temple, there're a lot of photogenic spots of cute objects.


Historically, at the begininng of this Ikoma mountain, 妙久法尼 appears during Shikoku pilgrimage. and 虚空蔵菩薩 (Kokuzou-Bosatsu) appeared too.


and he said "There's a mountain where a dragon lives on the Ikoma mountain.


From this story,  the temple named

after this. In 1989, main hall has finally founded.


and, 虚空蔵菩薩 (Kokuzou-Bosatsu) became the principal god.


三寳荒神 (Sanbo-Kojin) was the gurdian of the temple.


Nowadays, he is known as "Ikoma-no-Kojin-san". and has gained many worshipers for business prosperity.



◆Place      Daito City Osaka Pref.

◆Chinese Characters     龍眼


- Countless Jizo (Stone Statue)

- Objects emulatin Japan Faily tale 

- Based on Dragon legend


- Ikomasanjo Amusement Park

- Hozanji Tmeple

- Shigiikoma Skyline