Trip advice and small tips - You should know for better preparation!



GUESS TRIP ADVICE is article to target Japan trip independently without using guide service.

However, Japan infrastructure of universal


launguage navigation is sadly poor now.


Due to this, smoothly travelling in Japan is hard to do by tourists themselfs.


Language barrier problem or something is still piling up now.

So, we try to fill this gap up by providing usefull Japanese trip guide.

Japan have a variety of seasonality like spring, summer, autumn, winter.

In each seasons, you can encounter beautiful senery like cherry blossoms and artistic fireworks,  nostalgic and snowy old -fasthioned Edo-style downtown.


Changing season is the uniqueness of Japan shaped by islands.

We aggresively pervade this contents now.

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Japan travel charm


On TV travel programs and travel magazines, they will introduce you to local specialties and specialties, and shops that offer such dishes. In addition, there are surely many opportunities to see Japan's superb view points and World Heritage sites on TV, magazines, and the Internet.

However, if you actually see them, you may feel that some things are powerful, and some that you feel that they are like this. Furthermore, if you enjoy local specialties that you can't easily experience in your daily life, then discovering them locally will lead to new discoveries.

Japan has its own unique culture, climate and nature. The same is true in Japan... Rather, even in Japan, where the area is small, by touching various specialties, you will realize that it was deep and deep.

There are also theme parks, world heritage sites, hot springs, and even day trips such as bus tours. There are various ways to enjoy it, and the fact that you can choose one is a major attraction of domestic travel.

Let's avoid congestion

Japan's road tends to be very congested as city area approaches.
So, if you target destination area, it's better to get in maybe AM9:00 or PM21:00.
Especially morning and evening time rush hour congestion is very severe.
To get rid of travel moving stress, let's move as earlier as possbile.
About highway traffic, this depends on situation such as an accident.

Check weather condition with 1 week base


Japan's weather is changeable. so it is better to get weather news especially from rain cloud rader.


Travel is best for sunny timing. so we should know weather simulation when planning schedule.


Use app of Yahoo map

I watched this app. And noticed that greatly enhancing our daily life.
This indicates best way to go with efficient time always.
Congested road will be highlighted.
If you get WiFi connection kept, you would be helped by app.
You can off cource search shops and restaurant and Onsen.

Protect your belongings while traveling 


You may inadvertently fall asleep on the move. In that case, be sure to take measures against theft, such as sleeping with your luggage. When loading your luggage on the shelves, be careful not to put any valuables in it.

Be careful not only with your wallet, but also with expensive items such as smartphones and cameras. Surprisingly many pickpockets and delinquents occur in transportation. Please be on the safe side because it is Japan.


When driving, let's take a rest a roadside station

In Japan, a kind of roadside station is everywhere on the road. A roadside station sells local special food and vegetables.
So, it is good to take a rest while driving.

Other driving tips


Procuring food and drink
When you are hungry, the irritated traffic jams have doubled. If you buy food with a mindset and hold a candy party in the car, it will be a fun time. In addition, let's buy a sleep-awake gum together.
Toilet early

We recommend taking a break every hour if possible and going to the bathroom each time. In particular, children often come to the last minute, so I want to take them as soon as possible. If you have a small child, it is safe to have a portable toilet in case of emergency. 
Easy refueling

Running out of gas on a highway is a poor maintenance and violates the Road Traffic Law (2 points, in the case of ordinary cars, a fine of 9000 yen). In addition to that, it will cause further congestion, so be sure to refuel at the next SA / PA when the remaining amount is less than half. Traffic violation dot com

Let's buy in the supermarket or use restaurant chains


Convenience store food is usually high priced rather than super market.

So, if you visit Japan, let's go to the super market for Japan's special food in local areas.


Especially for local areas, you can sometimes find discount chain super market stores everywhere.


By making use of this, you could save money for travelling.


Learning security level beforehand

Be sure to check the destination and security information. From a global perspective, Japan is safe and it is possible for women to walk alone at night, but there are also dangerous areas.

Stay away from low-light areas, low-traffic areas, and extremely dark places. Please be careful about the downtown area with many sex shops. You can get some information by searching for "place name + security" on the net.

The areas introduced in the guidebook are relatively safe. Also, the area with many shopping spots is safe because there are many people passing by. When choosing a hotel, be sure to make a choice when considering safety.


Knowing Japan's rule for eating


Japan's restaurant water is for free.


Oshibori (wet towel) is served free in Japan.


Tatami mat in a restaurant room, you can't get on with shoes on.


In Izakaya, you have to order drinks firstly before eating.


You can't bring outside food in a restaurant without food court.


No culture for tipping in Japan.


Before travel, establish traveling plan perfectly

Before visiting Japan, let's search place you want to visit through internet or Japan's guide book.
The safe plan is like 1 day with 3-4 traveling spots in just 1 area.
Moving among far destinatons in just 1 day is not recommended.
Japan's road congestion is sometimes happening. so you will get rid of your traveling time.
I think it is best to pick up destinations you want visit and Japan's area.
Travel plan

Be careful of too cheap hotel


If you are traveling alone, you want to keep costs as low as possible. However, be careful of hotels that are too cheap compared to the market price. Due to poor location, old facilities, thin walls, etc., you may not be able to stay comfortably. Be sure to check the reviews on the site.

If you are traveling alone, we recommend chain business hotels. It is convenient for one person to stay alone, and since the services are substantial, it is useful when traveling alone.


Japanese trait


Japanese do not like to be shy and keep their eyes on each other


There are many types of bows, such as one that squeezes only the head, one that bends a little, and one that lowers its head to about 90 degrees.


If you are in trouble in town, they will kindly help you.
As many people cannot speak English, sometimes people refuse to take taxis or stay at hotels.
English is not available to Japanese bus drivers, so it is not recommended as a means of transportation


Japanese Daily Life Etiquette


Shoes and slippers are never on the tatami mat.

When you enter the house, take off your shoes, so don't wear socks with holes.

Do not pass food from chopsticks to chopsticks

Do not stick chopsticks into rice

Even if it is difficult, try using chopsticks. Even if they fail, the Japanese don't make fun of them.

You can drink tap water in Japan.

The Japanese are noisy about the manners of eating, so be careful.

When you visit a person's house, don't compliment the decorated items (eg vases) (because they might give you).